Netflix recently announced plans to make half its content original. Since that announcement, there's been a considerable rise in content available to stream. The streaming service has made it a mission to make their content reach a wide audience. From an Ashton Kutcher sitcom to cooking shows to Adam Sandler films, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Three of Netflix's latest dramas center on a mystery that needs to be solved.

Eric McCormack leads Netflix original "Travelers"

Eric McCormack ("Will & Grace") leads the Netflix original "Travelers," currently available to binge watch.

"Travelers" is a sci-fi story about a group of people who travel from the future to take over bodies of people about to die in the present. Their mission: to save the future. "Travelers" offers a fresh take on the concept of time travel. There isn't a fast running superhero or a phone booth, instead, they send their own consciousness back to the present. Five people are set to die on the same day, but before their final moments are up, a traveler makes their way back and takes over the body.

Netflix unveils two more mysteries

"The OA" is currently available to stream on Netflix. It hasn't been as publicized as some of Netflix's other content, but it's structure and premise have potential. It follows a blind woman who emerges after being missing for seven years, but there's a catch.

She can see. After her reemergence, she recruits five people into her mysterious mission. As strange as the premise is, the structure is bizarre with episodes ranging vastly in length, from an hour to just thirty minutes.

Netflix other binge-worthy mystery, Brazilian dystopian series, "3%" is set in the future where only the best 3% get to live in a utopia that can only be entered if you're chosen.

Upon the age of twenty, volunteers go through a series of tests in order to gain entry into this utopia. The first season follows a group as they struggle to complete one series of these tests referred to as the Process. Along with the volunteers, there's a group called the Cause that work against the Process by sending double agents to go through the tests and infiltrate the utopia.

Check out Eric McCormack in "Travelers," and Netflix's other two mysterious originals.