Hey, "Teen Wolf" peeps. I was able to get my hands on a few,new teasers for the upcoming episode 7 of season 6, via the latest promo clip (below) that was dropped by MTV. For some reason, they never released an official synopsis for this one, so we had to look to the clip to get any info that we could. First off, it looks intense as hell, but then again, I can't remember when a "Teen Wolf" promo never looked intense. Anyways, we've got Theo, telling Liam how stupid his new plan to catch a ghost rider actually is. Then Malia and Melissa are seen, coming hard with the pain on some dude who's refusing to talk.

I bet he'll speak up after this.

Is Mason sure?

Alright, so with no further ado, lets go over this clip in more detail. I've posted it (below) for your viewing pleasure. If you've already seen the clip, just ignore this whole thing, because you're already filled in. Here we go. It starts off, showing us a scene with Scott, asking Mason if he's sure their elaborate plot they've got cooked up, will work.

Liam gets a dose of reality

Next, we get shot into a scene that shows us Theo, confronting Liam about his wild and crazy plot to hunt down a ghost rider, and really lets him know how awful he thinks this plan is by saying, it's just absolutely, freaking terrible. The big question here, is will Liam heed his advice, or just go ahead and do it anyways?

My bet's on the latter scenario, because Liam's a knuckle head.

A hardcore stabbing

In this next scene, we see the intensity really turn up a notch. I also see a side of Melissa that I haven't seen before. A more violent one. Apparently, they've got this guy that is just in terrible condition. He's obviously been burned like three time over, at least.

Then he has the audacity to try and tell them he doesn't want to give them the intel that they so burningly desire, which prompts Melissa to stab the hell out of him! I think he's going to change his mind after that. What do you guys think?

A big monster fight

Alright, and to cap this off, the preview ends with a big monster growl-off situation, and one of them, saying: "It's been a long time." There's definitely a violent situation that's about to take place with that. Be sure to check it out, below, and stay tuned. Episode 7 is set to air on Monday night, January 10th, 2017 at 8pm central time on MTV.