Alright, guys. So, the wonderful people at ABC, recently gave us a few, official synopsis spoiler teasers for their upcoming "Quantico" episode 11 of season 2. They gave up three storyline scoops for us this week, and they sound quite intense and very intriguing as we've got Alex, trying hard to make sure Owen is privy to a traitor that is among them back at the farm. Then we've got some future stuff that involves the terrorists, attempting some new ways of getting the hostages to give up some information, and more.

Locate the shady one

We've got sort of a weird title for this episode as the producers felt like "ZRTORCH" would be a good name for this one.

Hey, more power to them. Anyways, getting into this official synopsis, we'll start off with the Alex and Owen situation back at the farm. Actually, ABC went out of their to highlight this part of the episode in all-caps, so we'll probably see a lot focus shed on it.

Apparently, there's going to be a definite traitor that's walking among them, and we'll be seeing Alex, do her best to try and convince Owen of the traitor. They didn't go into any extra details about it to explain whether or not Alex is successful in her attempts or to reveal who this traitor might possibly be, so we'll have to wait around to find that out. Maybe they'll give it away in the new promo clip. Who knows?

Difficult Germany mission

Next, we learn that the recruits are going to be given a very tough task, or at least, it turns into one, because they're going to have to get an asset out of Germany, safe and sound. However, their target will ,quote, have a death wish, making it more difficult for the team to do their job. Will this death wish, end up, causing the team to fail their mission?

Or will they fight the odds and push though? Probably, but it's they way that they get the job done, that will make this interesting to watch. In other words, this scene will be extremely intriguing and quite interesting to watch whichever way it plays out.

They really want that info

In their last storyline teaser, we've got action from the future that's going down.

Apparently, the terrorists are going to think up some new ways to get vital intel out of the hostages, as it's described that they will end up, resorting to new ways and means of squeezing it out of them. They didn't mention what they'll resort to, or how crazy it will be, so we're just going to have to wait for the episode to air to see how that goes down. Again though, they may show something in spoiler promo clip that's set to release after episode 10 wraps up. Also, we can confirm that this one is due out next Monday night, February 6th at 9pm central standard time on ABC. Stay tuned.