Who knew that crafting a cozy crime show centered around Australia's roaring 1920's era would turn out to be so captivatingly fun to watch? At first glance, audiences are automatically drawn into "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" by heroine Phryne Fisher's beauty, wit, and extraordinarily fabulous outfits. Plus, to top it all off, the strong romantic tension between her and Inspector Jack Robinson transformed mere viewers into fans of the series.

Each episode begins with some poor sap getting knocked off, which leads the pearl-handle-pistol-packing private investigator Phryne Fisher to assist Inspector Robinson with the case.

No damsel in distress, regardless of what she is wearing, Fisher is more than your average thoroughly modern Millie who habitually flirts and is not ashamed of her sexuality as a single woman living in prudish times. Having to work with Fisher, the inspector reluctantly falls in love with her over time. However, this Crime-solving heiress is a definite challenge for him, and holds on to her independence with fierceness. Robinson, on the other hand, is a working-class gentleman who lives life more carefully.

A crime show with a growing cult following

The Fisher and Robinson characters may have their flaws, but are played by Australian actors Essie Davis and Nathan Page, respectively, to perfection.

Based on Kerry Greenwood's book, "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries," it is primarily set in Melbourne, Australia against a backdrop of stylish interiors, gorgeous costumes, and pesky murders in need of solving. Jezebel magazine once featured a best-dressed TV character story, resulting in several comments mentioning the unflappable Miss Fisher.

Intrigued, writer Dodai Stewart checked out the crime procedural on Netflix. Stewart noticed the overt and hidden feminist messages throughout various episodes. Despite the setting being the 1920's, there are episodes that touch on clandestine abortions, sexism, and other issues commonly seen today. Thanks to Netflix, and now the cable network Ovation TV, a growing number of Americans have been added to the devotedly stretched fan base.

Every hero needs a side kick

Playing Watson to Fisher's female version of Sherlock Holmes is dedicated traveling companion and housekeeper Dot, who is morphing into quite the detective herself. Of course, having Phryne Fisher for a mentor helps, along with the fact that Dot is married to Inspector Robinson's right-hand man, police constable Hugh Collins. The cat-and-mouse game does heat up between Fisher and Robinson by the end of season three. However, the question of will-they-or-won't-they hangs in limbo as fans wait to hear if America will green-light a remake of the series, if there will be a season four, and if producers will work on a feature film.