In November 2016, popular musician John Mayer released a brand new single entitled Love on the Weekend as a precursor to his new album entitled The Search for Everything. Now, fans are in delight as John has released 3 other tracks from the album on his official Youtube channel, namely, "Changing," "Moving On & Getting Over," and "You're Gonna Live Forever in Me."

A long-overdue respite for fans

"Wave One," as John Mayer refers to this release, comes in good time for fans who have been waiting for new material since his last release, "Paradise Valley," in 2013.

A mix of musical styles

With subtle pop, rock, country, and ballad influences, the new album promises to showcase Mayer’s versatility as a musician. Some of the elements in the new tracks are reminiscent of the musical arrangements from his hugely successful album in 2006 entitled Continuum. To address the possible question on why he’s doing a split release, John took to his Facebook page and stated that there are too many songs to get out of the door at once.

Recent collaborations and live shows

Though it’s his first release in 4 years, John has kept himself busy by playing for a Grateful Dead tribute band named Dead & Company, and doing a considerable amount of live shows with them. He has taken his solo act to a different set of listeners as well, such as Rock in Rio, an annual rock festival that takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

John also collaborated with American singer, songwriter and rapper Frank Ocean in 2013. Alternatively, Frank featured in John's album Paradise Valley as a guest vocalist.

TV Appearances

Apart from music, John is currently a part of the TV show "Roast Battle II: War of the Words." He and Sarah Silverman are celebrity judges for the show.

Will John outdo himself with this new album?

With some of his previous work hitting the #1 slot on the US charts, John Mayer's release surely comes with a lot of expectations. Having started off his career with pop albums such as Room for Squares and Heavier Things, John gradually brought more of his guitar work to the forefront. Now, It will surely be interesting to see how his new work, which seems like a balance between his vocal and guitar personas, will be received.