Undaunted by the second thumping she received at the polls, Hillary Clinton is mulling the possibility of getting a TV talk show in order to prepare the battlefield for a third attempt to become president in 2020, according to Fox News. The show, which lacks a name or a network thus far, would allow Clinton to discuss the issues of the day while keeping her in the public eye before pivoting to challenge Donald Trump for a rematch in 2020.

The thought of a woman who was famously uncomfortable in public in any but tightly controlled situations having an unscripted talk show is a beguiling one to say the least.

She lacks the warmth of an Ellen or an Oprah to do daytime talk about fashions, children, and popular culture. She lacks the spine and the wit to get a Megyn Kelley style show with sharp questioning and verbal combat. One can just imagine Clinton’s reaction if a guest were to bring up the email server, Benghazi, or Kathy Shelton.

Then again, that reaction would make for great television. But send the kids out of the room, please. Hillary Clinton does not take being challenged or frustrated well.

A TV talk show would not get Clinton into the White House. But here is an alternate idea.

How about a reality show, called “The Great Presidential Race.” Choose ten or so ordinary people of various political persuasions and pit them against one another in a mock presidential campaign.

They could do debates, campaign speeches, townhalls, and whole lot. Periodically the TV audience will vote for the winners of each episode. The final episodes will pit the two winners in a one on one debate with the audience voting who will be president. Then the winner will make a victory speech and the loser a graceful concession speech.

One can throw in the occasional unexpected scandal just to make things interesting.

Hillary Clinton can provide commentary, advice, and even abuse for the candidates as they progress through the mock campaign. Call the show “Apprentice Politician” or something like that.

Could Clinton use a reality show to propel her into the White House? Well, it has happened once before, as all the world knows.