Following his many well publicized glitches in life and the number of times he bounced back, you would think the popular press would leave George Micahel well alone and let this multi-talented superstar Rest in Peace. Yet it seems that even after his untimely death from apparent heart failure, the headlines are still eager for details about George Michael. This time, in a valiant effort to piece together the intricate links surrounding his seemingly mysterious death, the latest theories and rumors are appearing thick and fast.

2011 Symphonica tour

One such relates to his month long stay in hospital during the 2011 #Symphonica tour in Austria, after a viral infection turned to pneumonia. His treatment was provided by Professor Christoph Zielinski, a world renowned AIDS/HIV specialist. Needless to say, this has produced significant speculation. Speculation fueled by the fact that HIV - and the drugs treating it - can affect the heart.

Though some reports suggest he died from an apparent "overdose" these were unfounded. There had also been speculation that he possibly died a few days before he was found - a point which remains unclear. Whether drugs were a contributing factor remains likewise. Certainly it's no secret he wrestled with a drug problem, though in 2014 he announced he had stopped.

However, it's a sad fact that mystery and suspicion should replace reflection and celebration of what was an immensely successful - and lengthy - professional career. A career which not only sold over 28 million records during his years with Andrew Ridgeley and #Wham! but in excess of 100 million globally as a solo artist. And let's not forget his selfless charity work.

A lot of which was often under the radar.

Post mortem results inconclusive

Yet several bitter truths remain: the post-mortem results proved inconclusive, and why was there a huge timeline between his death being reported and paramedics attending? His family and the authorities are still demanding answers, if only to gain comfort and closure.

But I do think that after all his personal ups and downs, along with the controversy - which he managed to turn to his advantage - it would be fitting and proper to remember George Michael not as a commodity, or an excuse to grab headlines, but as a human being, who, like a good number of us, veered off the runway sometimes, yet had the courage to seek help. Even if in seeking that help, he ended up on the front page.