MTV is about to hit you with the one-two punch that is “Sweet/Vicious,” and this time, it’s a knockout. The network is airing the final two hours of season one on January 24, back-to-back. The season one finale is two hours of drama, fun, and some of the most important content you’re going to see on a television series aimed at young adults. Here’s what I can tell you:

We find out what Harris knows right away

If that cliffhanger from episode eight left you nervous for Ophelia and Jules, you’re not alone. Don’t worry though, you won’t have long to wait to find out just how much he knows.

Episode nine picks up immediately after said cliffhanger, and things between Ophelia and Harris are not anything like their friendship-anniversary celebration. To say things are tense would be putting it mildly.

Get ready to learn about university bureaucracy

We already know that university officials urged Jules not to make a formal complaint on campus about Nate assaulting her. With Kennedy by her side, Jules is ready to come forward and got through the Title IX process of supporting a sexual assault. What’s depicted in “Sweet/Vicious” with regards to the questioning, the way Jules is treated, the way Nate is treated, and even what happens afterward, is a pretty accurate depiction of what happens on real college campuses.

As Nate points out about Jules, young women often find their lives “ripped apart” when they come forward. Ophelia also explains to Harris just why so many girls don’t come forward when they’re assaulted. Get ready for a roller coaster.

Miles just might surprise you

Miles might be Nate’s best friend, and Miles might have told Nate he’d look the other way if he and Jules cheated at the infamous party, but Miles is about to have his eyes opened.

As a result, Miles is about to become one of your favorite guys on “Sweet/Vicious.” Really. Just wait and see how his story plays out.

Carter’s case takes a surprising turn

Carter’s death is really the event that kicked off this whole chain of events. While Nate’s assault of Jules changed her life, if Ophelia hadn’t defended her against Carter, the two never would have become partners in crime.

In the course of their investigation, the police arrest a surprising suspect in Carter’s missing person’s case, leading Jules and Ophelia to do some quick thinking.

The target practice has all been leading to this

If you thought the takedowns Jules and Ophelia made this season were badass, they were nothing compared to what’s next. Their target in the finale is their biggest yet. The episodes aren’t all Title IX questions and putting Nate on trial.

Not only do the two have one of their best fight sequences yet, but they also get quite a bit of help from people all over campus. As it turns out, their classmates don’t need to know who the vigilante is to help them with this massive effort.

You are going to want a season two

While plenty of storylines are resolved by the end of the two hours, there are also plenty of threads opened that you’re going to want to see followed up. MTV hasn’t announced a formal decision about a renewal or cancellation yet, but hopefully, they do it soon as fans are going to want to know just what happens next.

Catch “Sweet/Vicious” at 10 PM on Tuesday on MTV to see how the season ends!