Hey, "Days Of Our Lives" peeps. We've got a very intense spoiler scoop for Monday's January 30th,2017 episode, along with a couple of bonus scoops that are set to take place on various days during the week. Apparently, this tension between Chloe and Nicole is not going to let up anytime soon. Nicole wants her damn baby, and she's not going to stop jumping down Chloe's throat on Monday's installment, and more!

The baby drama continues

Ok, so for the Monday show, we've got this one storyline reveal. However, I'm sure there will be more as it is an hour-long episode.

Anyways, it goes like this. We're going to see Chloe and Nicole, continue their heated exchanges, because Nicole still wants her got damn baby back from her. Our Soaps.com sources tell us that she's going to urge her to give her the baby back. Something tells me that Chloe's not going to comply, but they didn't reveal if she will or not, so we're going to have to wait and see how this particular confrontation plays out.

Eric has an encounter with someone familiar

Next, we've got a bonus scoop for Tuesday's January 31st, 2017 episode. It turns out that we're going to see Eric ,out and about to complete an errand run in Salem that's supposed to be very secretive. While doing this errand, he's going to have a run-in with somebody he knows.

Now, unfortunately, they did leave us with this very vague description, so we don't know what this highly secretive errand will be, or who in the hell he runs into. But, I think we can all agree that those are some things that we'll be wanting to see play out in this installment. Hopefully, they'll fit it all in.

Deimos is going to strike

Next, we've got another extra teaser for you. They tell us that this one will happen in Wednesday's February 1st,2017 episode. It turns out that we're going to see some really intense and possibly quite violent stuff happen with this particular scenario, because he's described as being very deadly, right now, and is going to, quote, strike out against his so-called enemies!

Unfortunately, this is another sort of vague description as they don't go into detail about what exactly Deimos is going to do. They just reveal that he's going to go on the attack, so it sounds like we should definitely look for him to get pretty violent. These scenes will certainly deliver quite a bit of drama for sure.

She tries to destroy it

Lastly, we've got a bonus scoop that is taking place in Friday's February 3rd,2017 episode. Apparently, the Orwell device is going to be in major danger of no longer existing, because they tell us that Jennifer is going to combine forces with a person from the past in an effort to destroy the device! They didn't reveal who this certain someone is, so we're going to have to wait it out for that important piece of intel. Stay tuned.