At first glance, Dan Mills doesn't appear to pose a significant presence. His slight, wiry frame and flip-worthy haircut stand in stark contrast to the rock stars of the past. He isn't trying to be a rock star, though - he's just trying to find his music in a malaise of struggles, something he put on full display during a concert at the Sheen Center in New York City on Saturday night.

A rocking concert

Mills took the stage of the theater in the Sheen Center around 7:45 PM on Saturday, to the clamor of an appreciative New York audience. He launched into an array of songs, some high-tempo and some very somber in tone.

He straddled the line between folk and country music while promoting his newest record, which he revealed was complete.

While the two hours of music was the highlight of the Sheen Center performance, he interspersed songs with witty and genuine tales about trying to make it in the music industry, different interactions he's had in his life and career, and some much-needed humor when it came to Mills forgetting the starting chords to his own music. The acoustics of the New York venue also allowed him and his band to experiment with some acoustic songs and harmonies that took on a very intimate vibe.

His band was electric, complete with a drummer/harmony-setter, a bass guitar, a bassist, and a pianist/do-it-all musician.

Mills also invited out guest singers to join him on some of his tracks in the Sheen Center, including Adam Halpin and Carami Hilaire. The band played the entirety of their new record, showing just how far the Brooklyn, New York performers have come.

Big things to come

While he doesn't have any performances scheduled following the Sheen Center concert, 2017 could prove to be a big year for Mills.

As he discussed during the show, his band's record is on the verge of reaching the public. Additionally, he talked about how he has a full-time job currently, which should financially help the artist continue to pursue his music career when time allows for it.