Christina and Tarek El Moussa's divorce is generating a lot of buzz among “Flip or Flop” fans, many of whom have worried that the popular show might be coming to an end soon as a result of the couple's marital drama. However, new reports have emerged indicating that both parties are committed to continuing the show. What's the latest?

Will the 'Flip or Flop' divorce lead to a cancellation?

News of the “Flip or Flop” divorce stunned fans and things have gotten pretty ugly between Christina and Tarek El Moussa. Accusations about what went wrong have been flying and as People notes, there was a domestic incident involving a call to the police about six months ago.

Despite all of that, the estranged couple says that they are committed to working together and continuing the HGTV show.

TMZ reveals that the decision regarding the show's fate is essentially out of Tarek and Christina's hands, however. Sources indicate that HGTV will be monitoring the ratings of the new episodes ahead that were already filmed and a decision will be made from there. It seems that the network is thrilled to hear that the “Flip or Flop” stars are willing to work together and continue the show, but will fans want to see them together on the show given all of the off-screen drama?

Sources hint that a spin-off show or two is possible

Even if HGTV ends up pulling the plug on “Flip or Flop” due to the El Moussa divorce, the buzz is that there could be one or even two spin-off shows created down the line.

Of course, if the current series continues to do well, it makes sense to keep it going, and if the ratings drop, there will be some difficult decisions to make.

In contrast to these reports of the estranged couple wanting to continue together, Life & Style reports that Christina has been pushing to get her own show for a while now.

Their sources indicate that she wants to distance herself from Tarek in every way possible, and she has pointed out to numerous fans that the episodes airing on the network right now were filmed quite some time ago before the marriage fell apart. There is no question that this split causes challenges all-around and viewers will be curious to see how this plays out.

As reality television fans will surely remember, TLC faced some similar decisions several years back when Jon and Kate Gosselin split up. The show has continued in various ways with a focus on Kate and the kids, with Jon out of the mix. Whether HGTV can count on similar success for “Flip or Flop” in the wake of the Christina and Tarek El Moussa divorce remains to be seen. Do you think the couple can successfully continue the series together?