Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" peeps. I hope you had a great weekend. Now, it's time to get back to business with the new spoilers for the upcoming Tuesday January 24th,2017 episode. Some major stuff is going down on it, because we've got Liam, taking off after not hearing from Steffy! Meanwhile, Quinn has done something to really strike up a lot of concern in Ivy, causing Katie to get very suspicious, and more!

She's acting too freaking weird right now

Lets go ahead and get started with this crazy Quinn stuff. It turns out that Quinn's strange behavior is going to reach a tipping point with Ivy, sending her into a mental place that involves much worrying!

They didn't elaborate about anything specific that Quinn did to spark up this extreme worry in Steffy, so we don't have any intel on that, but it sure sounds interesting. We definitely want to see what happened with that.

Katie gets told all about it

Next, we learn that Ivy will actually tell Katie about this disturbing Quinn situation, which will, cause a lot of suspicion to enter into her mind. We definitely want to know if Katie will end up, acting on her suspicions, or will she just not do anything. It'll certainly be interesting to see.

He's left Los Angeles

Now, we've got insecure Liam back at it again. He hasn't heard anything from Steffy ,at all, so he has just decided to follow through on his ultimatum and leave Los Angeles!

So, he'll be carrying out his insecure, drama queen antics. What I'm wondering, now, is will this whole thing really piss off Steffy and drive her closer to Wyatt? Or will she go try to track down Liam? These are some questions that I hope get answered ,at some point, during this week. We definitely know that this episode is going to be filled with a lot of interesting scenarios that are a set up for some huge plotlines to take place later on down the road.

Alright, guys. That's going to be our two huge storyline teasers for the January 24th installment. We're pretty sure they're going to fit maybe one or two other scenes in there, so definitely be ready to see some extra stuff to go down. However, the scoops that we covered, here, will without a doubt, be the main focus of the episode.

Also, the show's official youtube channel might serve up a promo/spoiler clip for it later on today, so be sure to check their channel for that, because they almost always deliver, at least, a little bit of extra intel for you to work with, leading into the next episode. Stay tuned.