Hey, "Big Bang Theory" peeps. Yep, it's that time, again, where I have to jump on here and tell you that the new episode 14 of the current season 10 is going to require your patience, because it's not coming on tonight. For some reason, the CBS primetime schedule for January 26th is going to just feature a repeat. The good news, is that it's just for this week only. They're scheduled to show the new episode 14 next Thursday night, February 2nd, 2017 at 7pm central time , so be sure to make note of that.

Who wants to watch episode 4 again?

In the meantime, CBS is set up to give you guys another look at the 4th episode to air this season, which is called: "The Cohabitation Experimentation." It's the one where Amy and Sheldon decided to shack up after her apartment got swallowed up by a flood.

And when Bernadette and Howard got ticked off when they found out they weren't the first ones to learn the gender of the baby. So, if you haven't seen that one yet, or just want to watch it ,again, CBS will be the channel for you, tonight. However, if not, you'll definitely want to make some other arrangements.

Ok, so now, we do have some good news to share with you. CBS did recently reveal a few synopsis spoilers for the new episode 14. They also gave us a title for it. It turns out that the producers decided to go with the name: "The Emotion Detection Automation." So, yes. It's another unique title that we've come to expect from them.

Sheldon's new machine

According to their description, we're going to see probably one of the oddest things I've ver heard of in my life with this Sheldon situation.

Apparently, he's going to be using some strange machine to help him identify how people are feeling at the moment. They don't give any other details about why he feels the need to this. We just know that he is, and it's going to be weird as F word.

Raj tries to figure it out

Next, we learn that Raj is going to attempt to understand why he runs into so many problems with women, and to do so, he is going to have a little get-together with a few of the girls that he's dated in the past to, I'm assuming, get their take on it and their advice.

Will this little chat session give Raj the answers he's longing for? Or will it just be an unproductive bashing session? Those will be some interesting questions for this situation.

Lastly, we were able to track down additional teaser intel from the show's Wikia page. It revealed that we're going to see Penny go to work in an attempt to land Randall a job interview. They didn't reveal if she's successful or not. We just know she's going to give it a shot, and we'll see what becomes of that. Stay tuned.