Ever since fans of the WB sci-fi series “Roswell” learned that former stars Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr were ready to team up for a new show, they’ve been leading the charge in hopes of getting Netflix to pick up the property. Now, they’ve got a campaign geared for the holiday season that they’re hoping will give one more big push to catch the attention of the streaming site and give “Baron and Toluca” a broadcast home.

Netflix, all I want for Christmas is Baron + Toluca

As gossip sites and TV journalists prepare their pop culture holiday wish lists, sci-fi fans are saying, “Netflix, all I want for Christmas is Baron + Toluca.”

Fans of “Roswell” and the actors who appeared in the series have banded together to lead a new campaign in hopes of getting Netflix to take notice.

On Wednesday December 21, representatives from various websites and fan sites will be tweeting their Christmas wish out to make their voices heard, and they’re urging fans of “Roswell,” the actors involved, and those interested in new science fiction to do the same.

The message the movement is using in order to gain momentum makes use of the #NETFLIXforBandT hashtag that has been utilized in previous campaigns, as well as the group encouraging those who wish to take part to use the same message for maximum visibility:

Baron and Toluca

Baron and Toluca, if picked up, would star Fehr and Delfino as the title characters. The duo would play a former couple who find themselves thrown together on a new science fiction adventure.

They previously played on-again, off-again couple Micheal and Maria in the series “Roswell,” which ran for three seasons on the WB long before it became the CW.

While the actors released a promotional video for the series after fans campaigned so hard for Netflix to pick up the show, there hasn’t been an official word on whether or not Netflix is interested in the series.

Last month, Delfino even tweeted that they only had until “the end November.”

We’ve reached out to Netflix for a comment on the fan efforts so far, but haven’t yet received a response.

Previous B and T campaigns

In addition to the Saturday tweetathons and the upcoming holiday push, fans have also gotten physical in their hope of bringing the show to life -- that is to say they’ve gone beyond the cyber realm to send physical letters to the Netflix offices to show how much interest there is in the show.

As Delfino and Fehr used bee and tea emojis on their social media accounts in talking about “B + T,” or “Baron and Toluca,” the fans picked up on the symbols and organized an effort to send honey and tea to Netflix to accompany their letters of interest in the show. The campaign is reminiscent of fans who sent bottles of tabasco sauce to the WB, which helped earn “Roswell” its third season as it moved to UPN when it was on the bubble for cancellation.

If fans want to get involved in the “All I want for Christmas is Baron + Toluca” effort, there's even a handy time zone chart below that tells you when to participate: