Major "Bachelor" spoilers may have just been confirmed thanks to Snapchat! Several people who following Nick Viall on the popular photo sharing site noticed something pretty strange in a recent Snap. Nick posted a photo of himself hanging out on an orange couch. Fans who follow both Nick and his rumored season pick, Vanessa Grimaldi, were quick to notice that Vanessa also posted a photo on Snapchat and it looks like she was sitting on an orange couch as well! Did these two just get busted?

Reality Steve weighs in

While we'd all love to believe that Nick and Vanessa totally just confirmed that they are indeed together after filming the show, Reality Steve tweeted about the rumors and said that Nick and Vanessa were not together this weekend.

"Aaaaaaannnd that's why couch colors are irrelevant to me, so it's ok to stop with the DM's and emails. Other [weekends]? Yes. This one? No," he tweeted. But that's bizarre, isn't it? Some fans are still completely convinced that Nick and Vanessa posted the pics from the same couch and it was a major "oops."

It has happened before

This isn't the first time that the ABC dating show lost its secrecy thanks to Snapchat. Remember Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of "The Bachelorette"? She and her season pick Shawn Booth posted a photo of each other together in bed before the show's season finale aired! Although Kaitlyn deleted the photo, plenty of fans saw it, took a screenshot, and circulated it on social media.

There was no denying that Kaitlyn had chosen Shawn after that.

It's all about Snapchat

Check out the tweets of the Snapchat screenshots below. You can clearly see Nick Viall on an orange couch. If you look closely, you can see that Vanessa is sitting on one too (yes, that's her, using the deer filter!). Don't you think this is a bit too coincidental?

Perhaps especially because Reality Steve has already revealed that Nick chooses Vanessa at the end of "The Bachelor."

Do you think that there's a chance that Reality Steve is wrong? Do you think Nick and Vanessa really were on the same orange couch in these photos?