It’s time for the annual Bacchanal, which, if you know your Greek mythology, you know is the hottest party on the Darlington campus. It also means the time is ripe on “Sweet/Vicious” for another rapist to pay for his crimes, though this time around, Jules and Ophelia go after a target someone actually wants them to get.

Harris and Barton set a trap

With Barton realizing that the bathroom wall is the hit list the vigilante works from, he and Harris spring a trap: they add the name of a rapist to the wall who never made it up there, but definitely committed the crime.

The trap is clever, even if it doesn’t go according to plan.

I’m really glad it was Barton who masterminded the trap. Barton, when we first met him in the pilot, seemed pretty clueless. It turns out, he’s not stupid, though he does have pretty rotten luck.

Nate continues to be a ruiner

Nate isn’t just ruining Jules’ life on a regular basis, but also Kennedy’s. He loves Kennedy (supposedly). I get that. Seeing him, sweet talk her with bouquets of roses and romantic comedy cliches just doesn’t sit well, especially when he gets so angry when she stops him from getting physical with her that he actually scares her for the first time we’ve seen.

We have to wonder at this point: is Nate redeemable?

Will the audience ever see him as someone who learns from what he did or even feels the least bit of guilt? Because so far, I’m thinking no.

Carter is also a ruiner

The guy is dead, and he’s still in the middle of everyone’s business! To be fair, Ophelia did kill him and then cover it up with Jules. The two might have just created more trouble for themselves with the cover up though seeing as how Tyler is now out to figure out what’s going on.

With Tyler now urging the police to find his step-brother and actually having a friend on the force who can give him the inside scoop, there’s soon going to be another wedge between Jules and Tyler. I can only imagine what his reaction is going to be if and when he finds out what really happened.

Jules is really not okay

This is something pointed out quite a bit, but it’s important for us to remember that even when Jules thinks she’s doing fine, she’s really not.

Things come to a head between her and Ophelia this week when not only does Ophelia realize that Jules has been lying about going to Group, but she also watches her nearly beat their target to death.

Jules admits that their activities are the only time she feels alive anymore and that Group isn’t helping her. When Ophelia is the only one she’s really talked to about anything, though, it’s not hard to see why she’d feel that way.

The confrontation between the two does have one good thing going for it: it leads Ophelia to talk to Kennedy.

Kennedy sees the light

The combination of Nate scaring her and hearing from Ophelia that Jules has been telling the truth seems to do the trick. She goes to Jules and apologizes.

Kennedy is also, interestingly, not willing to let Jules sweep what happened to her under the rug. It’s Kennedy who decides the school is going to get her justice.

Considering that we’ve seen the flashback where the counsellor gave Jules a speech about how great Nate is, I’m pretty sure that Kennedy and Jules are going to have one heck of an uphill battle on their hands. With both Kennedy and Ophelia in her corner, though, I expect Jules has a much better chance of getting people to listen.

Harris knows

It’s not clear if Harris knows everything. At the very least, he knows that Ophelia is somehow involved with the vigilante after seeing her camera on trained on the bathroom wall. Harris is a smart guy, and he’s definitely going to have figured out that it was Ophelia who bashed his knee during the lockdown.

Is he going to want to join the team? Harris and Barton on the team would be huge assets since they’re both legally minded. I’d love to see that play out.

The verdict

While last week takes the cake, this is a solid follow up!

4 out of 5 stars