Murdoch Mysteries” star Yannick Bisson gets emotional when speaking about season 10 and his role as Detective William Murdoch. Bisson admits that he wasn’t aware of how famous he had become until a waiter in Rome actually recognized him and shouted out, “It’s Murdoch!” From his personal encounter with the waiter in Italy to getting fan letters from Japan and even Iran, “Murdoch Mysteries” star Yannick Bisson is stunned – and humbled -- about his worldwide popularity.

The story behind Detective Murdoch

In 2004 and 2005, Yannick Bisson’s popular television show originally aired in Canada as a two-episode television movie titled “Murder 19C: The Detective Murdoch Mysteries.” In the two-episode movie, the lead role of Detective Murdoch was played by Peter Outerbridge.

By 2006, when CityTV decided to continue the movie as a 13-episode television series, Outerbridge was already otherwise committed, and Yannick Bisson got a chance at the lead role in the now called “Murdoch Mysteries” television show.

Looking back, Bisson says that he had his fair share of trial and errors when it comes to acting. Born in Montreal on May 16, 1969, he knew he wanted to act since high school. After moving to Toronto and with his father’s encouragement, Bisson replied to a newspaper ad looking for child actors. After a few first initial acting gigs, Yannick starred in the movie “Hockey Night” (1984), the TV series “Learning the Ropes” (1988 to 1989), and the action series “High Tide” (1994 to 1997).

In 2006, when Yannick Bisson was offered the role of Detective William Murdoch in “Murdoch Mysteries,” he says that he felt like he was at “crossroads in his career – going from project to project, reeling from an actors' strike and considering pursuing other interests.”

The growth of Detective William Murdoch

Reflecting on ten seasons of “Murdoch Mysteries,” Yannick Bisson realizes that he – along with the character of Detective William Murdoch – have grown from being a rather reserved individual to a character who is “loosening up one daisy petal at a time.”

Of course, Detective Murdoch’s growth as a character is accompanied by the amazing performances of Thomas Craig (playing Inspector Brackenreid), Jonny Harris (playing Constable George Crabtree), and Helene Joy (playing Doctor Julia Ogden).

All of the major actors in “Murdoch Mysteries” are actively involved in the writing of the television series.

Below is a behind-the-scenes look:

During the past ten seasons of “Murdoch Mysteries,” the quality television show has included famous guest stars like the former Prime Minister of Canada, the former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, William Shatner, and Ed Asner.

Unlike other television programs, the storyline about Detective William Murdoch – set in the 1890s in Toronto -- integrates crime, history, science, mystery, and love.

Where in the world can you watch ‘Murdoch Mysteries’?

When it comes to history, science, and mystery, Discovery Channel is unfortunately no longer the place to find this kind of quality programming. According to a most recent Broadway World report, Acorn TV (an American subscription streaming service that offers TV programs from Britain, Canada, and Australia) will feature “Murdoch Mysteries” season 10 as an exclusive U.S. Premiere on Monday, January 2, 2017. After the first two episodes, Acorn TV will follow up with new episodes every Monday until the 18th episode on April 24.

CBC featured season 10 of “Murdoch Mysteries” in Canada on Monday, October 10, 2016. The season opener (titled “Great Ball of Fire, Part 1”) focused on Dr. Julia Ogden's emotional state after her near-death experience in the Season 9 finale. In the United Kingdom, the “Murdoch Mysteries” season 10 is scheduled to premiere on UKTV’s Alibi channel on Monday, January 2, 2017, at 9 p.m. If you would like to share what season of “Murdoch Mysteries” you are watching in what country and what channel, please leave a comment below. Other readers might appreciate it.