Get your hankie ready because you're going to need it. You know those cruel memes that are so popular? People tag their friends' names to Internet images of obese folks or those otherwise deemed "ugly." Some folks from the reality show "My 600-lb Life" have been targeted. It's supposed to be some kind of big joke, but as you can image, the people in the photos aren't laughing. Lizzie Velasquez, once dubbed the "World's Ugliest Woman" knows what they go through. She found her image used. And the way Velasquez gently confronted haters will break your heart.

Lizzie Velasquez suffers ugly cruelty

Imagine how hurtful it would be to be called ugly. Now imagine being hailed ugliest of all. Lizzie Velasquez has had to live with ugly comments like that all her life from folks who can't see her true beauty. The petite brunette was born with a rare disorder in which she cannot gain weight. Her thin frame makes her eyes and teeth look larger. She has cataracts in one eye. Along came the Internet and trolls found even worse ways to mock her, using images and making her the butt of jokes. Velasquez told her story several years ago and the harassment died down. But the craze revived when trolls began tagging friends in posts.

Lizzie Velasquez beautifully shuts down cruel memes

It's no surprise that Lizzie was hurt over the mean memes. But she didn't speak out on her own behalf only. Lizzie's post lovingly covered all the disabled or obese folks who've found themselves on the hurting end of a joke. And she didn't bite back as it would be so easy to do.

The spunky lady wrote as the voice of all victims. She explained how painful persecution, especially as a joke, is. She reminded everyone that inside "we're all human." Velasquez asked that next time you see a viral meme remember the hurt it causes and spread love. She ended with hugs and kisses.

Lizzie Velasquez's posts are particularly relevant

After a vituperous election 2016, many folks declared themselves fed up with the hate, rants and nastiness. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were accused of mudslinging. Ironically, many people see no problem poking fun at disabled, overweight folks or those with deformities or illnesses. People who struggle with obesity, like "My 600-lb Life" patients, are particularly vulnerable. Did the Joe Biden memes (which aren't nasty and which the White House loves) spur it? Probably not--cruel memes aren't new. But they are all the more hurtful in what is supposed to be the Christmas season of love.