“General Hospital” today’s episode spoilers say “GH” watchers want to know is Hayden leaving “GH”, who is Charlotte, and is Nikolas coming back? Here are the answers to those burning questions plus a “General Hospital” 12/19/16 recap and spoilers for today’s episode of “GH”.

What happened on “GH” December 19th episode?

Lulu spent time with Charlotte and plans to keep her instead of taking her back to Valentin. Nina warned Valentin not to trust Lulu. Anna heard Charlotte singing a song and it reminded her of something from her WSB past. Dante isn’t happy that Lulu is pushing ahead with the kid.

Liz helped get Hayden to the hospital after Tracy called her because her sister was failing. Hayden’s about to die from Blackwood Syndrome and has gone septic again. Finn begged Brad to help him come up with the cure since Hayden is on her last leg. No Jason or Sam on this episode!

Brad agrees to help and he and Finn come up with a cure (or a death sentence) and then Hayden flatlines just as Finn was going to test it on himself. Franco told Tom he wouldn’t kill him but will make him miss a parole meeting so he’ll go back to jail. Tom broke out of his cage and his brother Seth came looking for him.

What happens on 'General Hospital' on December 20th?

Lucy tries to stir up trouble between Laura and Kevin and Kevin worries he and Laura won’t last.

Lulu tells Dante she’s keeping Charlotte but her daughter wants to go home to Valentin. The bonding isn’t going like Lulu wants and she must take the kiddo back to the castle.

Seth demands answers about Tom from Liz and Franco. Liz asks if Franco did something to Tom. Back at the studio, Tom is out of the cage but locked in the place.

Franco comes back, gets knocked out and this turns into a strange “A Christmas Carol” dream on Wednesday that should be cool.

Finn freaks because Hayden is dying in front of him so he gives her the shot before testing it on himself. “GH” spoilers say she’ll recover, but at a cost. Anna is struggling to figure out why she knows the song Charlotte was humming and Emma asks why she’s obsessed.

Burning 'GH' questions

For those asking, “Is Hayden leaving GH?” the answer is no. Rebecca Budig has a lengthy contract. She’ll survive Blackwood Syndrome and so will Finn. Others are asking, “Who is Charlotte?” If you missed it, it’s been confirmed by three different labs that Lulu is her bio-mom and Valentin is her bio-dad.

Forget any crazy theories about Laura being Charlotte’s mother somehow or Dante and Lulu turning out to be the parents. “General Hospital” spoilers say the embryo mess has been put to bed so we can all bury it, forget about the timing that doesn’t line up and move on!

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