Lewis Hamilton (31) and Winnie Harlow (22) are dating. The British F1 superstar and the canadian model are creating music together. Hamilton has decided that his girlfriend is his muse to start a music career. The two have known each other for two months and get along very well. Several pop stars come from Canada, such as Drake (30) and Justin Bieber (22), so surely Harlow will be very well received by the public. It will be interesting to listen to the musical proposal of two celebrities who are not professional singers, but equally want to impact the world of music.

How that will translate when all things are said and done, remains to be seen.

Who is Winnie Harlow?

Winnie Harlow (real name Chantelle Brown-Young) is a brilliant model that suffers from vitiligo disease but that did not stop her from succeeding in the fashion world. Specialists believe that she is perfect to represent diversity in fashion and that is why she has done so well in that competitive profession. Harlow suffered bullying as a child, enduring harsh nicknames, but that strengthened her personality. Today she is a great inspiration for all those people who look different from most, but who want to succeed in life. Her beauty conquered Lewis Hamilton, so she will have to get used to the envy of the others girls.

A multi-faceted man

Hamilton is the current F1 champion, and next Sunday will compete in Abu Dhabi for his fourth world title in that category. The British athlete is considered the best F1 driver of all-time, but he likes to have others interests like music. He has been taking singing lessons for two years and has his own recording studio in London.

He loves Los Angeles and has many famous friends like the Kardashian sisters, Kanye West (39) and Justin Bieber. His lifestyle has been widely criticized by the F1 authorities, but he says that does not affect his sporting performance. His most ambitious goal is to be as good at music as he is at F1.

Maybe Hamilton will eventually find that success, even if it takes a little more time.