Hey "ncis los angeles" fans. We were able to get our hands on some new, official spoiler scoops for the show's up coming episode 10 of its current season 8. CBS was kind enough provide us with a press release that offers up a few plotline spoilers for this installment. We got a fairly good amount of intel. It wasn't a ton of info, but it wasn't too short either. We learned that the front of Callen's house is a spot that you won't want to be at in this particular situation. Nell hits up a prison for some interview action. More mole intel is revealed, and more.

Two main storylines revealed

We got a title for this thing, which is: "Sirens," so they kept the title pretty simple and short this time. The new plot summary, starts off, letting us know that we're going to see some new leads get collected in connection with the mole situation. The killing of 2 guys happens. These two revelations were put in all caps, so I would look for those plotlines to be heavily featured.

A dangerous female ends a few lives

In the killing situation, they reveal that some murdering will be done by a female assailant whose identity is concealed. We'll also see two men that are disguised as Sheriff's deputies in this scene, and it won't be their lucky day as they are the ones that the female is going to viciously kill!

What's even crazier, is this big wild and crazy action, takes place right in front of Callen's house! They didn't reveal if Callen is at home during this altercation, but it'll sure be interesting if he is.

Nell tries to pry out more intel

Next, we find out that the ongoing mole investigation is going to get a new spark of light when a new lead opens up for the NCIS L.A.

team. And to conclude this spoiler session, we learn that Nell is going to be real busy, hitting up a prison. During this visit, Nell is going to serve up an interview to one of the inmates that is trying to withhold information in regards to the department's leak. Erin Broadhurst was hired to pen this episode, and Jonathan Frankles was brought onboard to direct it.

Alright, so that wraps up the written scoops that CBS revealed for this installment. I say ,written, because they're expected to release a new spoiler promo clip, tonight, after episode 9 airs, so be sure to take a look at that, because I'm sure that it will have some new details to offer up, along with a visual look at what's to come. It was also revealed that the new episode 10 is due to air next week, November 27th at 9pm central standard time, so be sure to schedule that date in on your TV calendars.