Over the course of the entire presidential campaign, Donald Trump would often get accused of being a sexist and a misogynist. Despite Trump denying these allegations, his daughter, Ivanka Trump, wasn't always willing to bite her tongue about her father's behavior.

Ivanka Trump on dad

Donald Trump has long had a reputation of being womanizer, known for throwing lavish parties where women, young and old, would tend to the needs of the current president-elect. Married three times, Trump has even been caught making controversial comments since being married to his current wife Melania, which was evident in the now infamous leaked Access Hollywood tape.

In the last month of the election, following the release of the audio tape, a dozen women came forward to claim that they were sexually assaulted by Trump, though he denied any wrongdoing. As reported by Mediaite, via journalist Sarah Kendzior, on November 24, Ivanka Trump is on the record expressing her disgust for some the future president's comments.

Freelance writer Sarah Kendzior was able to dig up a quote from Ivanka Trump back in 2004. In response to Donald Trump telling radio show host Howard Stern that he would date her if he wasn't her father, Ivanka responded back.

"If he wasn't my father, I would spray him with mace," Ivanka said, which was sourced through the "Quoteables" section of the Chicago Tribune back in 2004.

Controversial history

The last month of the election appeared to be the death nail for the Trump campaign.

In addition to the Access Hollywood tape and the 12 allegations of sexual assault, Trump was also getting ready for a child rape case. The victim, known as "Jane Doe" in the legal documents, accused Trump and convicted pedophile, Jeffery Epstein, of rapping her on more than one occasion when she was just 13-years-old during the summer of 1994.

After receiving death threats, "Jane Doe" canceled a planned press conference, and then decided to drop the lawsuit altogether just days later.

Moving forward

With the sexual assault allegations and surprise audio tapes behind him, Donald Trump is less than two months away from being sworn in as the next commander in chief. Despite her previous comments, Ivanka Trump has been one of her father's biggest supporters and is expected to help run his businesses through an alleged blind trust along with his other children over the next four to eight years.