Amy Jackson is a pure English girl who has made it good in both Bollywood and Tamil cinema. This is a rare occurrence and perhaps is a step in the globalization of cinema. She stars in the Tamil film "Robot 2" opposite two of the biggest stars in Indian cinema. Her costar Rajnikanth is a legend with a tremendous fan following while the second star Akshay Kumar is the top Bollywood star. Amy has the romantic lead and recently she shot a song sequence with Rajnikanth at Chennai. She will also don the bikini and that will be an added allure for the masses as Amy has a tremendous fan following.

Her success is a surprise as she knows hardly any of Hindi or Tamil.

Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson in this film plays the role of an assistant to a Robot and first reports indicate she looks ravishing. She had earlier starred with Akshay in the Bollywood film "Singh is Bling" which was a big hit at the box office. The present film is a sequel to an earlier film and the fans are anxiously waiting for it. Rajinikanth's last film "Kabali" was a super hit and makes him the highest paid star in Indian cinema.

Amy recently tweeted a selfie of her and Rajnikanth taken during the shooting and she is overjoyed working with the superstar. Rajnikanth is a gentleman and in a career spanning over 3 decades has never had a scandal attached to his name.

He is a philanthropist and his good deeds have won a tremendous fan following. He is almost 35 years older than Amy yet she will play his lady love in the movie. This is a tribute to the fitness and charisma of Rajnikanth.

Amy rises

The film will also see Akshay Kumar in a new type of role. He will play the villain. Reports indicate that earlier the Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger was approached to do this role but he could not be accommodated because of date problems.

After Arnold withdrew the role was offered to Akshay.

Amy is on a high and she feels this film with Rajnikanth and Akshay will be a watershed in her life. The English girl has learned the art of showmanship as she put her photo in Paris on Instagram showing a pair of lovely legs.