Honestly, the things Celebrities do for a role. A-lister Ryan Gosling was off-listed from "The Lovely Bones" after bizarre experimental weight gain. He's back on the Hollywood hot list again but the weird story of his yo-yo weight will have your head spinning. Here's how Gosling gained weight, fell from grace, and lost weight -- rising to former glory.

Don't count your parts before they're hatched

In anticipation of his part in "The Lovely Bones" Gosling saw the character as fat. So he decided to add 60 pounds to his slender 150-lb frame. Unfortunately, he didn't clear this with director Peter Jackson who emphatically didn't see the character fat.

Ryan was removed from the tentative casting list in favor of a thinner actor. You could say this was just a difference of vision. You could also call it arrogant for Ryan to assume that before he even got the role he could drastically change himself. Actors may and should interpret characters as they see them. But they cannot invent aspects without discussing it with the director. Even cutting or dyeing hair is subject to director approval. And weight gain has scary repercussions--obesityis a game no one should play.

Gosling's stomach-turning weight gain secrets

Setting aside the why, how did Gosling pack on 60 pounds in a short time? The answer isn't pleasant and you may want to have a bottle of Mylanta handy.

Probably not surprisingly hehad to eat a lot. Hewent on a mindless feeding frenzy cramming in the carbs willy-nilly. He even drank melted ice cream instead of water. Jared Leto tried this disgusting calorie-blitz to play obese Mark David Chapman, killer of John Lennon. For "Chapter 27" ate butter and mayonnaise straight (feeling nauseated yet?)

Weight gain is easy, weight loss, not so much

After Gosling was fat-shamed off the "The Lovely Bones" he found himself a fat out-of-work actor with 60 extra pounds to shed.

And he discovered--as anyone who has gained weight could have told him--that putting on pounds is the simple part. Even if you've never had a weight problem, weight lossis harder than it sounds. Leto had to fast and cleanse. Gosling had to swap to veggies, fish, and rice only. He also quit drinking ice cream. Fans can expect to see sexy, buff Ryan in "Blade Runner 2" and in his musical performance in "La La Land" with Emma Stone.