Kensi Blye’s "NCIS: Los Angeles" future isn’t as bleak as it looks.Daniela Ruah’s character suffered a major set back out the outset of season 8, but there’s nothing that can hold down an OSP agent for long. Coma or not, Kensi’s storyline is far from over. As Eric (Barrett Foa) says, Ms. Blye is irreplaceable.

Ruah Heads Back To The 'NCIS: LA' set

We don’t know exactly when Kensi will rejoin Hetty’s (Linda Hunt) team, but we do know that Ruah will return to set later this month. The actress filmed her scenes for episodes 3 through 9 at the beginning of July to cover for her real-life maternity leave, but now that little baby Sierra has settled in, Ruah is ready to return to work.

"When you guys watch the show on TV, you won't notice my absence even though I'll be gone for a number of weeks pre- and post-baby," Ruah told EnStars. "So this whole first eight days of shooting has been spent doing all of my scenes from episodes 3 to episode 10 or 9. So it's that whole arc."

Episode 10 will begin filming today, and Ruah recently picked out a new baby-friendly trailer for set. After all, the star will now have two little ones accompanying her to work.

When will Kensi wake up?

As of “Black Market,"Kensi’s future was looking up.

Hetty’s commanding presence prompted signs of recovery as the episode came to an end, and it sounds as if someone’s eyes might finally open during Sunday’s “Ghost Gun.” When Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) gets a call from the hospital, a change in his girlfriend’s condition will leave him wondering how he should deal with it all.

He’ll be calm in comparison to Mama Deeks (Pamela Reed), however. Parents will do anything to keep their children safe, but when your kid grows up to fight terrorists, there’s not a lot you can do. Poor Roberta will be at her wit's end during “Ghost Gun,” worried sick about both Deeks and Kensi. Check out a sneak peek below.

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