Kid Cudi checked himself into rehab. The singer also known as Kid Cudi(real name Scott Mescudi)took to his Facebook page late on Tuesday night, telling his fans he had checked himself into rehab for depression and suicidal urges.He started off by saying how he is ashamed, and how he is “living a lie," and apologizing throughout the message he conveyed to his loyal fans. Stating that he has not been at peace since (his fans) have known him. Also stating, that if he had not come (to his page) he would’ve done something to himself.

Previous battles

Scott has had previous drug and depression battles. Confessing in recent interviews that things have been a struggle for him even though he had the (financial) stability and people who care for him so much. He said he had cocaine and alcohol addictions and how the pressure of fame added on to his illness.

The limelight

Cudi ‘s fame rose with the hit song Day ‘n Night. The world looked to him as a savior and many of his fans admired (and still do) his openness and realness. Being a true inspiration to many. He has collaborated with big stars such as Kanye West, Drake, David Guetta and numerous collaborations with Travis Scott. His latest collaboration was for his latest hit called 'Surfin’ featuring Pharell Williams.

Recent disputes with other celebrities

A few weeks ago Cudi took to Twitter slammingKanye West and Drake for not writing their own songs, saying “Everyone thinks they’re soooo great. Talkin top 5 and be having 30 people write their songs.” He tweeted.

Kanye respondedto Kid Cudi by saying during one of his concerts that He BIRTHED him.

Celebrities show their support

Other Celebrities took to Twitter to show their support for Scott. Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy said speaking out and letting the world see your humanity is inspiring and that he always has his back.

Looking forward

Scott told fans in his message that he needs the time to get through this and thanked them. Promising that his latest album is still on the way.He ended his letter by saying: I love you, Scott Mescudi.