Anthem Lights got their start as the brainchild of singer-songwriters Caleb Grimm and Alan Powell in the city of Los Angeles. They were joined by Kyle Kupecky and ChadGraham. Originally the band was named Yellow Cavalier and an EP was released under that title. However, in 2010, the name was changed to Anthem Lights.

Besides a name change, the founding members Kyle Kupecky and Alan Powell departed. The former to try his hand ata solo career and the latter to pursue a career in acting. Powell has since starred in such films as "The Song." They were replaced by Spencer Kane and Joey Stamper respectively.

Anthem Lightshas released twoEPs and three studio albums. All albums have been well received.The band hasbuilt success on making music videos showcasing their musical talent through covers and medleys as well as touring.

Anthem Lights launches second Kickstarter campaign

They had previously used Kickstartersuccessfully for their second album "You Have My Heart." The album was released in 2014via YC Records. The album was number 6 on the Top Heatseekers in Billboard Magazine.

On Monday, Anthem Lightsannounced ina video via their official YouTube channel that they are launching a second Kickstarter campaign. The goal is to raise money for their fourth studio project "Painted Skies." They describe it as "something more transparent."

The video explains the project and what it is all about.

It shows the band members with their families as well as getting ready for band practice.Towards the end, they praise their fans and make anappeal to them in preparing for the upcoming album.

In just two days, the Kickstarter project has raised over $5,000 of its $75,000 funding goal. They have set up several awards for their backers.

From signed CD copies to vinyls to a day with the band. They include a disclaimer at the bottom of the page warning of possible delays due to production.

They plan to release the album in early 2017. They have yet to comment on the genre of the music. With Anthem Lightsprevious success, it is not a far cry to suggest that "Painted Skies" willreach its fundraising goal on time.