"Teen Mom 2" dad Javi Marroquin has been opening up a lot lately about his split from wife Kailyn Lowry. In a recent interview, Marroquin revealed the real reason that he blamed Lowry for her heartbreaking miscarriage. Javi claims he's sorry for the way he handled the situation, and apologized to Kail all the time for his behavior.

According to reports, Javi says he and Kailyn lost their child only months before announcing their divorce to the world. Marroquin admits that the miscarriage was "a big thing," and that he wasn't there for his wife during the dark time in their lives.

The "Teen Mom 2" star says he simply wasn't there for his wife.

Javi speaks out on the loss of he and Kailyn's unborn baby

Javi claims that the reason he blamed Kailyn for the miscarriage is because he didn't know how to handle the loss. Marroquin says that he was so excited for that baby, and when the miscarriage occurred it was "so rough" for him. He just simply couldn't communicate with his wife. This could have been a major factor in the couple's split.

Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are currently going through a messy divorce. The couple, who share one son, Lincoln, together, have been speaking out on their split publicly. Javi has been very vocal as of late, and even revealed that Kail cheated on him.

Can they work out their marriage?

Marroquin claims that Lowry was unfaithful to him during his deployment in the Air Force. Javi says that people Kail believe are her loyal friends have contacted him about her behavior. "It's been rough everyday," Javi claims.Marroquin also says he wishes he and Lowry could have made their marriage work.

However, other reports are suggesting that Kailyn has decided she does want the relationship to carry on. The "Teen Mom" has reportedly given Javi three months to decide what he wants to do, and at the end of that time they'll either divorce or get back together. Sadly, it seems that the couple's children Lincoln and Isaac, who is Kailyn's son from a previous relationship, will be the ones to suffer the most.