ABC has abruptly canceled Mistresses after four seasons. The Season 4 finale was not supposed to have been the end of thenight time soap opera. However, it will now serve as the end of the series.Mistresses was a mystery dramaand soap opera television series about the lives of four female friends and their involvement in a wide range of complicated relationships. The first two seasons were the best when Alyssa Milano was one of the four women. At the time she was the only one married, but she was having problems in her marriage. She didn't return to the series when it moved from Los Angeles to Vancouver because she didn't want to leave her young children.

She is probably glad that she made that decision now that Mistresses has been canceled.

Seasons 1-3

Mistresses premiered in June 2013, with 13 episodes in each of the four seasons. Season 1 started out with 4.4 million viewers. The numbers went up slightly during Season 2. Viewership seemed to go down in the third season, and even more so in the fourth. By July 2016, the show had its lowest-rated episode bringing in below 2 million viewers. The September 6 finale had an audience of just 2.57 million viewers.

Season 4finale

When Season 4 ended there was an accident. It seems as it Karen played by Yunjin Kim was trying to save her former suicidal babysitter from jumping off a rail. Karen tripped and went over the rail herself.

Kim had planned to leave the show after the fourth season anyway. April, played by Rochelle Aytes found out she was pregnant but hasn't told the baby's father yet. Josh, played by Jes Macallan, and Harry, played by Brett Tucker, got married spontaneously on the beach. Harry was once married to Josh's older sister. The groom didn't have a ring.

So, he found a seashell and put it on Josh's finger.

ABC left viewers with those scenarios. When people saw the last episode, they thought it was just the season's finale and they would get answers in Season 5. Little did they know it was the final show of the season and the final show of the series. There will be no Season 5. Now viewers will have to wonder about April's baby, Josh's marriage, and more about Karen's death.