For actor Gerlad Auger, being able to represent and honor his Ancestors and his Indigenous culture through his talent means everything. Known for his roles such as "Hell on Wheels", this Canadian actor, writer, director, andproducer is on a mission to change the Hollywood stereotype of how Indigenous People are perceived. He has film projects such as "Lost Face", "We Are: Justice Nation", "Windcatcher" and "Anichkov Bridge". So far "Lost Face" has enjoyed tremendous success all over the short film circuit. Get to know Gerald Auger and his spiritual journey.

I spoke to him on behalf of Blasting News

Colleen Bement: Tell your fans about your successful film "Lost Face" as well as "Windcatcher" and "Anichkov Bridge".

Gerald Auger: "Lost Face" is inspired by Jack London. Sean Meehan the Director personally messaged me to offer me the role of Makamuk. Sean acknowledged he wanted to remain authentic as possible to show respect for who we were as Indigenous People.Storytellers like Mr. Meehan are few and far between. Hollywood does not fully understand the sacredness of who we are as Indigenous People.

With Jane Fitzpatrick, the writer/producer of "Windcatcher", I was yet again honored and humbled to be asked to be a part of cinematic history.Jane sat and researched the story by sitting and visiting Sacajawea’s people and history; with an open mind and heart.

If more people in Hollywood like Jane understand the protocol of our ways, there would not be the stereotypes of my people in Hollywood that exists today and yesterday.

"Anichovs Bridge" is another prime example of my Indigenous culture and spiritual base being honored and respected. When Natalia Drozd the producer personally contacted me on behalf of the director to have me read me for the role of the Native American spirit in "Anichovs Bridge", she wanted to represent our spiritual beliefs and values in the film of course as authentic as possible.

Superhero team to entertain and change the world

CB: Tell us all about the modern day heroes of "We Are: Justice Nation".

GA: I learned on my sabbatical that everything happens for a reason, and that Mindshadow Entertainment and I were meant to work together in bringing a message of diversity, equality, unity and inclusion into the world.

Mindshadow's superhero team "We Are: Justice Nation" is inclusive, unifying of all people and addresses the human condition.They represent all walks of life and are the next generation of "sheroes" and heroes that will represent us all.

Auger honors his Ancestors with roles he accepts

CB: How are you working to change the Hollywood stereotype of Indigenous People?

GA: As an actor, being selective in the roles I accept. I started being a little more selective as my career progressed because I was realizing the stereotypes and I wasn’t comfortable with that. I started looking at the integrity and truth of the characters. The had honor and respect for my Indigenous language, culture, and spiritual base.

As a writer, producer, and director I must honor my Ancestors, Indigenous values, beliefs, language and spiritual beliefs. I truly believe that we are the answered prayers of our Ancestors. They tried to bury us but they didn’t know we were the seeds.

Audiences can make a difference

CB: I see that you’re working hard to change the face of Hollywood. What can audiences do to help make a difference?

GA: To have an open mind and open heart as a human being. This will teach you acceptance. To have love, kindness and compassion for your fellow human being. I admire what Ghandi said ‘"there is only one race, the human race."

We were taught the teachings and about life through our stories. As Indigenous people, we are inherent storytellers.

What are we teaching our children when we can’t co-exist as human beings, of all races, in this world? What type of footprint are we going to leave our children and their children? Will it be based on hate, greed, materialism, ego or love, kindness, compassion, unity and equality?