Matt Brown, the eldest son of the Alaskan Bush People family, is undoubtedly one of the favorite cast members of the reality television show featured by Discovery Channel. After Matt shared in an emotional interview last month that he had been struggling with alcohol problems for quite some time and that he might not be ready to return to his Alaskan family living in the wilderness, fans are concerned that without Matt Brown, Discovery Channel cancelled Alaskan Bush People.

The truth behind the family living in the Alaskan wilderness

As the Morning Ledger recently reported, there are rumors that the Brown family is not really from Alaska.

However, as Billy Brown’s 2007 book One Wave at a Time clearly states, this is not a rumor but a mere fact. Billy and Ami grew up, married in Texas, and came to the Alaskan bush in order to make a home for their family.

Matt Brown was three years old and his brother Joshua (Bam Bam) was just one when the Brown family discovered that living in Alaska’s wilderness was something that they had been looking for. As for the rumors that the family left the outback in order to pursue other interests, the Brown family admits to having lived in other parts of the country.

What Matt Brown revealed about his family

Matt Brown is the Alaskan bush family’s first-born son, the most talkative one, and the most symbolic one.

When speaking about his Brown family, he says that he could not wish for more support from his siblings and his parents, but that despite of everything, there comes a time when someone loses his way.

Matt’s words sound very similar to his dad’s words when it came to facing the consequences of having tried to deceive the state of Alaska for money in their Permanent Fund dividend applications.

The scandal, which revealed that the Brown family had not actually lived in Alaska for the past 30 years, prompted Billy Brown to apologize to what he considered to be his true home state.

The reality behind reality television

After saying that there is a time when everyone loses his or her way, Matt Brown says that there is also a time when someone finds his way back to where he belongs.

Undoubtedly, for Matt and his dad Billy, that place is one’s family and the Alaskan wilderness.

The emotional connection to surviving in the Alaskan outback and sticking together as a family is what fans of the reality television show treasure. The values shared by the Browns are the same values that viewers of Alaskan Bush People are looking forward to seeing each week.

Will the show continue without Matt Brown?

Discovery Channel, which used to be known primarily for its documentary television programming, is not providing viewers with a “fake” program, as some headlines claim, but rather a type of programming that viewers appreciate.

Recent post-season episodes provided by Discovery give fans a behind-the-scenes look of how a reality television show is made. While fans are eagerly following the show’s social media updates, Discovery Channel has not announced any news that Alaskan Bush People will be cancelled.