The missing son of two General Hospitalformer cast members,Jack Wagner and his ex-wife KristinaWagner,has been heard from. These were two very worried parents when their 21-year-old son, Harrison, went missing for five days last week. Today the Wagners report that their son has been in touch, so he is no longer deemed as a missing person. Jack Wagner took to Twitter to write a word of thanks to all of those who sent their love and prayers when Harrison was first reported missing.

Jack Wagner shared his concerns

According to Fox News, there is no word if their son will be returning home or where he is at this time.

Just to know he is alive has to be a relief to the formerGeneral Hospitalstars. Wagner and his ex-wife were both onGeneral Hospital when they datedback in the 80s and the couple married in 1993. They were divorced in 2006 after two kids and 13 years of marriage. Kristina played the role of Frisco and Felicia on the soap.

The couple had two children together, both boys. Harrison is the youngest at 21 and their oldest son Peter is 25-years-old. Jack Wagner also has a daughter from a previous relationship. It seemed to be quite the scare for Jack Wagner who took to Twitter last week to write about his son not being seen or heard from in five days.

Alcohol and drug relapse feared

Jack shared on Twitter that his son had a previous history of drugsand alcohol, tweeting, "I fear for my youngest sons safety.

Harrison has struggled w drugs & alcohol just as I did when I was younger. He’s relapsed & is MIA 5 days.”

At the same time Jack announced that his son had contacted the family, he did tweet, "Harrison's been in touch, he's 21 and in charge of his life." Then he finished up with his heartfelt thanks for everyone's support around hismissing son.

When he wrote "he's 21 and in charge of his life," it sounded as if there still may be some unresolved issues between father and son. The main thing is that they heard from him instead of spending every waking hour wondering where he is.

Earth shattering even in real-life

These veteran soap opera stars, who seemingly could survive just about anything on screen, had to handle their son's disappearance in real life, which is nothing at all like playing out a crisis as an actor in earth shattering events. Despite being divorced, the couple has remained the closest of friends. Last year the duo co-starred in When the Heart Calls, a movie made for the Hallmark Channel.