Jenelle Evans was a furious Teen Mom 2 cast member a week or so ago after an accident report from a minor fender bender revealedthe passenger in the car was pregnant and that passenger was Jenelle! The media got a hold of the public document and reported that the Teen Mom 2 star was expecting her third child.

Jenelle's fleeting social media blackout.

With Jenelle's arrest and child custody history well known, the news of this mom having a third baby went over like a lead balloon. People weren't very nice about the prospects of this young woman having yet another child.

The Teen Mom 2 star had her spew over the fact if anyone else announces a baby is on the way people are thrilled for them. While talking about all of this, she still hasn't officially confirmed that she is pregnant, but either she is expecting a baby or that accident report filled out by the police somehow contained information that was wrong.

In a retaliation to all the backlash, Jenelle went silent on her social media accounts, even deleting her Twitter page. That didn't last long because she recently surfaced via Facebook and she came out swinging.

She had The Hollywood Gossipin her scope because they suggested she might be "going nuts" after news of her pregnancy leaked via the police report.

'I'm going nuts'

What the Teen Mom 2 star hadto say to The Hollywood Gossip included,“Now I’m going nuts cuz I deactivated my accounts?! Hahahaha. This is the reason why I deactivate my accounts." She continued saying that all the backlash and name calling is basically why she deleted her accounts.

Some might wonder if she has a very high opinion of herself because it sounds as if she believes going silent on her accounts is punishment to the masses.

Future never brighter.

Once she got that out of her system, Jenelle shared with her fans how the new home she is building with her boyfriend David Eason is coming along just fine.

She sounded excited to report that there's wildlife all around the area where they are building. She also shared how excited she was for her future, but she never confirmed her pregnancy and she never referred to herself as expecting another baby.

Perils of MTV contracts.

The perils of the reality showTeen Mom 2 are playing out both on and off the set for MTV these days as the cast wants more money. Apparently to get around negotiating new contracts, MTV is calling the latest filming "extra" or "bonus" footage since the girls are "locked" in for season 7 of Teen Mom 2.

This is a show that brings in the big bucks for MTV so they will need to negotiate with the girls sooner or later, but perhaps they could remind the Teen Mom 2 cast of the old "plenty of fish in the sea" theory.

They didn't invent teen pregnancy and they don't have a corner on it, so there are others out there that would fit the bill if one or more were to drop out.

Angst over 'best edit'

According to Cafe Mom, MTV is experiencing some angst coming from the cast, especially when it comes to Jennell Evans and Leah Messer. Besides being unhappy with what MTV is offering money wise for a new contract, the cast is furious because Chelsea is getting the "best edit" out of all the cast.

With all the drama going on right now with Jenelle's pregnancy and Leah fighting custody battles, viewers of the show will want to know the outcome of all these perils. As Cafe Mom suggests, MTV might end up opening up their wallet a bit more than they intended when all is said and done with the Teen Mom 2 cast.