On June 17, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Billy Joel performed a well-received show at Madison Square Garden, as part of his residency at this historic venue. He holds the record for most solo concerts at the Garden.

Joel's set-list.

He commenced his set with "Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)," which garnered him a raucous response from the "Big Apple" audience that were gathered on this Friday night. It was followed by the upbeat, piano-driven "My Life," and he continued with the sophisticated tune "You're Only Human (Second Wind)," the latter of which tackles the serious subject matter of depression.

Joel took his fans on a trip down memory lane with such songs as "An Innocent Man" and "The Longest Time," prior to performing the charming love ballad "Just The Way You Are." Equally impressive were "Honesty," "Zanzibar" and "Allentown," prior to putting Madison Square Garden in a "New York State of Mind."

The highlight.

One of the highlight vocals was the inclusion of "The Downeaster Alexa" in his set, as well as the timeless classic "She's Always a Woman." "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant" was a piano masterpiece, which earned him and his band a lengthy standing ovation. He immediately broke into his signature song "Piano Man" and he performed the catchy "We Didn't Start The Fire," while accompanying himself on acoustic guitar.

He picked up the pace with the upbeat "Uptown Girl" and he continued with "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me," which was the quintessential sing-along. The audience had the fun time chanting along with "Big Shot" and he closed with "You May Be Right," as well as the fan-favorite "Only The Good Die Young."

The Verdict

Overall, if one has yet to see the iconic "Piano Man" perform live, they ought to purchase a ticket to a future show at Madison Square Garden.

One will not be disappointed. Billy Joel sure knows how to rock, and so does his band, which include the ever-talented musicians Tommy Byrnes on lead guitar and Mike DelGuidice on guitar and background vocals. They earned two thumbs for a job well done.