Anastacia shows us a side of her that we have never seen before. Anastacia decided to share a very raunchy photo of herself with her Instagram followers on Saturday. The 48-year-old singer just about covered her breast with her hand but still showed a lot skin, she showed more of herself than we have ever seen in her 20 year-long music career.

The American artist was the definition of sexy, she posted a selfie where she was completely stripped back, and not wearing any clothes, not wearing any makeup and her hair fell gently around her face. The photo is taken in a natural setting, it looks like it could be a hotel room, and she is highlighted by soft lighting.

Anastacia poses with one arm covering one breast whilst a hand covers the other, the posts shows that she has managed to regain confidence and is comfortable with her body. This is a very big deal for her as she has suffered with several health issues which she has had to fight and overcome.

Anastacia had breast cancer twice and suffers from Crohn’s disease

Anastacia is an inspiration because she has sold over 14 million albums but she is also an incredible fighter. The ‘Left Outside Alone’ singer has had to fight breast cancer twice, she first had the disease in 2003 and then again in 2013 which she managed to survive thanks to having a double mastectomy. On top of this she suffers from Crohn’s disease and supraventricular tachycardia which is where you have an abnormally fast heart rate.

Anastacia has suffered from Crohn’s since the age of 13, she originally thought that she just had growing pains, but her white blood cell count was very high and after undergoing tests doctors discovered it was Crohn’s disease.

Anastacia’s photo is a huge thing for her, she has a 4-inch scar across her waist from Crohn’s and she had to have reconstructive surgery after her double mastectomy, so the fact she poses naked shows that she is comfortable with her body and embraces it as it is.

Anastacia’s bravery and recovery ability won her the Humanitarian Award at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards in 2013. She was the second woman in the world to have won the award, the first was Annie Lennox.