Supermodel Tyra Banks, 42, from “America’s Next Top Model” is now a new mom to a surrogate baby boy. She told the world Wednesday about the birth of her surrogate baby boy via her Instagram account. The baby’s father is her boyfriend, Erik Asla. Asla is a photographer for fashion and fine art and the two have been dating for over two years. They announced the little boy’s name is York Banks Asla. The announcement took everyone by surprise as the surrogacy was kept a secret.

Banks and Asla posted online thanking the woman who carried their surrogate baby boy.

They called her an angel who helped them have their miracle. Banks has struggled with fertility issues, trying IVF in the past and then turning to using a surrogate.

Surrogate baby an exciting end to long process to have child

Banks says she wasn’t happy turning 40 without any children, so she decided to go for it, but it was difficult to get pregnant at her age. She says the process to getting him wasn’t easy, but that the little boy was the light at the end of a long tunnel of trying to conceive, and then using a surrogate to finally produce their son.

She says she often thinks about all the other people who have fertility issues and prays for them daily that they get to find out how good it feels to hold a little baby in their arms like she can now hold her son.

She said that no one has the right to interfere in a women’s business on having a child or not, and that it’s important for women to support each other when they are having fertility issues.

Fans thrilled for Banks new addition

Banks’ followers on Instagram were thrilled for her and Asla on the addition of a baby into their lives.

Fans were posting congratulations and saying happy birthday to the little boy along with other little notes.

The new parents were gushing over their new bundle of joy, with Banks saying that little York has her fingers and eyes and his father’s chin and mouth. She says she is feeling very thankful for her life and those around her, and that her boyfriend is very supportive and has been by her side throughout the road to parenthood.

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