Iggy Azalea took to her twitter account @IGGYAZALEA recently to express her sincere disappointment that her record label, Virgin EMI Records, is in her opinion holding back her career by not letting the rising star make a video for her recent viral track, "Azillion." The first of four tweets started out with an uneven tone and the singer and rapper seemed dismayed that the response to her song wasn't good enough to warrant a video.

Azalea's next tweet was more specific with a hint of anger.

She blamed Virgin EMI Records president Ted Cockle for the decision to not fund a video. Her second tweet has so far been liked almost 2,000 times. Iggy says the song was "Dope" and further claims that Cockle simply doesn't want to let her rise to the top where the singer feels she belongs.

In a third tweet Azalea seems to bite her tongue and stop short of lashing out any further, telling her fans that she just wanted to let them know the status on her new song which lacks a video counterpart. Azalea claims that, despite her last two tweets, she wants to keep things professional.

Support for the rapper and her tweets seems to be generally favorable. After all, her fans would most likely appreciate a video, even if it was low budget or done in a viral manner.

Previous videos by Azalea have had huge success at YouTube with her song "Fancy," featuring Charli XCX, clocking in currently with 673,886,139 views according to the official Vevo count.

By the time Azalea got around to her fourth and final tweet of the matter on Jan. 20 she took the rant to a positive level and declared that she's willing to put in the work to promote the track herself, even if she has to take to the streets of Los Angeles to get the job done.

Her final tweet seemed to be the most popular of the bunch with nearly 3,000 fans marking the tweet as a favorite.

Whatever Azalea decides to do we can be certain she will keep us in the loop on her actions. The rapper seems to have no problem sharing all of her daily trials and tribulations in life, recently admitting she peed herself while visiting the dentist.