Rogelio de la Vega is a fictional character from the “Jane the Virgin” TV series, brilliantly portrayed by actor Jaime Camil.

In the pilot, he’s seen on TV as the main characters, the three women from the Villanueva family, watch the Passion of Santos telenovela. But, soon enough we find out he’s actually Xiomara’s ex-lover from teenage days.

That romance, whose fire still burns by the way, should’ve flourished, but after Xiomara finds out that she’s pregnant with Jane, Rogelio tells her to have an abortion. But deciding to keep the baby, she ends the relationship and both go their separate ways.

Rogelio’s personality

A true old-fashioned star with a massive ego, huge pride and deep psychological issues, Rogelio is also very kind and loves his family very much. His life has been a hard one and since he’s become famous, he won’t accept any sort of failure or steps back.

He comes to extreme anger when facing his arch nemesis Esteban, another telenovela star, who got ahead of him in a few crucial moments of their careers.

But he’s also seeking a better life, since his previous romances and jobs did not leave him fulfilled, something not unheard from super stars.

Rogelio de La Vega: fictional or real?

Rogelio is a true celebrity, followed by many on Twitter. So, every time he’s in a sharp situation, he asks for his fan’s help with many hashtags.

That way, we are called to action, and many think our collaborations actually help define the series’ future. Obviously, he’s got many followers and sometimes his hashtags become trending, especially in Latin American countries.

Why is Rogelio the best?

As often happens in fiction, we can actually learn a lot about life by studying a character.

Rogelio lives an unfulfilled life, even when famous and rich. And he uses these things (fame and fortune) to try and impress his newly-found daughter, Jane.

Even so, he only finds true happiness when he’s with his family. He always thought he wanted to be rich and famous, but only his family made him a complete man. And so it is with many of us, looking for something to fulfill gaps in our lives that need other remedies.

Rogelio learns this and quickly finds true love in life. And even when times are tough, instead of running to a cult, therapy or throwing stuff around, he turns to his family for the strength to get by.

What the future holds for Rogelio de la Vega

After becoming the grandfather of little Mateo, Ro’s professional life is becoming really challenged lately, especially by Esteban.

With or without his telenovela version of Mad Men, Rogelio will continue to make us laugh more than anyone in his city, no matter what!