Adele has sold nearly 4.5 million copies of her latestalbum25released just two weeks ago! Selling an incredible 3.38 million copies in the first week of sales alone, Adele has continued to break records by selling an additional million during her second week of sales. With major hits such as 'Hello' and 'Million Years Ago', Adele portrays her evolution as a person, and lets her audience in to see the deepest of her survival and healing. It was clear this album would be a game changer in the industry when the music video for 'Hello' broke the VEVO world record for "Most Views in a 24-Hour Period" in just over 19 hours and, as of right now, the music video stands at 588,620,292 views, with 5,923,831 likes.

These are absolutely incredible numbers in the shorttime period since the video was posted.

According to the charts, Adele is the first artist in history to reach a million sales post the first week release.This album is clearly very personal, and has been self-proclaimed as her 'make up' album, following her devastating 'break up' albums in previous years. With an album as successful as this one, it's no surprise that a tour is to come. Unfortunately for North American fans Adele's 49-stop tour is currently only across the UK and Europe includingIreland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and many many more. For more information and everything you need to know regarding these tour dates, you can visithttp://live.adele.comto gain access to previously released dates, as well as those not yet available for purchase.

This album will go down in history as one of the best ever, and there's only more success for Adele to come. However, one has to ask the question that was bound to follow something as incredible as what this has become: what's next? When the talk dies down and Adele brings her 2016 tour to its end, what will she choose to do next?

Can we expect another album oranother break? There is no telling what the future has in store, but atthis moment Adele is continuing to retain her rightful position at the top of the charts, and that is all that matters.