Disney+ has released their latest episode for "The Mandalorian," ahead of the release of "The Rise of Skywalker." This episode has definitely become the series best, thanks in part to avoiding most of the problems that have plagued previous episodes. This episode gave fans a high-stakes story and plenty of "star wars" elements without the usual pandering seen in previous episodes. The return of some favorite characters plays off each other well.

While the action is brief, it's still satisfying. The twists within the episode are truly shocking. It's an almost perfect sci-fi spaghetti western.

This episode has breathed new life into the episode and now leaves fans dying to know what happens in the season finale next week.

'The Mandalorian' reunites past characters

"The Reckoning," begins with Mando receiving a message from the bounty hunter Guild leader Greef Karga, who offers up a deal, too good to pass up. Karga will clear the bounties for Mando and "Baby Yoda," if the Mandalorian will kill the Client. The Client is hindering Karga's operations. Mando has agreed and heads off with "Baby Yoda" to Nevarro and bring the whole story full circle, but with a few stops in between.

Mando realizes he needs a partner and meets up with former trooper Cara Dune and farmer Kuili, who previously appeared in "The Mandalorian." These two characters are among the best "one-off" characters in the show.

Their distinct personalities and backstories create some memorable back-and-forths without taking away from the story.

'The Mandalorian' provides some serious twists

Near the end of the episode, Kuili is gunned down by Stormtroopers, and fans are left speechless. It's like a punch to the gut, which is a vast contrast from the lack of emotions you feel watching the deaths of the bounty hunters you forgot about from previous episodes.

"The Reckoning," stands above the rest of the previous episodes, not because it continues the story instead of sticking with the episodic format. "The Reckoning" gives us plenty of "Star Wars" size surprises that you won't even see coming. "Baby Yoda," is seen using the force to heal Greef Karga's wounds and force choke Cara Dune during a friendly arm-wrestling match.

Seeing "Baby Yoda," dabbling in the Dark Side is surprising while also terrifying since most of "The Mandalorian," characters are unaware of The Child's true potential. Though it's a short scene, it says a lot about the Force and its followers. This time, even the routine twists have a refreshing payoff.

One of the biggest surprises is the death of the Client. "The Client" is a true believer in the Empire and has become one of the show's standout characters, which makes his sudden demise at the hands of his stormtroopers, bittersweet. "The Mandalorian," tells a lot with only a few words, and relies more heavily on the action. Episode writer and director Deborah Chow, deserves credit for righting the ship and turning the focus back on "The Mandalorian," as the season finale is a week away. Chow clearly understands "Star Wars," which will help her as she is set to direct a planned Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney+.