Hulu has breathed new life into "The Hardy Boys" with a thirteen-episode first season. Hulu is among several streaming services that have seen a surge as coronavirus keeps people isolated, so the streamer has been rolling out exciting new series for all ages. "The Hardy Boys" first came on the scene in the literary world in 1927 then graced the screen with TV Shows that originated with the first "Hardy Boys" adaptation courtesy of the "Mickey Mouse Club," the 1969 adaptation which was based on the original books, "The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries" which ran during the 1970s, and then returned in 1995 with a new "Hardy Boys" that lasted for thirteen episodes.

Hulu's take on "The Hardy Boys” includes a supernatural twinge and a strong '80s vibe with darker lighting, gold and green hues, and constant autumn in the background. The darker lighting creates a subtle ominous touch that delivers a mystery that feels like a homage to the original "Hardy Boys" stories.

Hulu is no stranger to adapting the literary world of mystery into exciting shows that range from true crime to horror, such as Stephen King's "Castle Rock" anthology. The new "Hardy Boys" follows Frank and his (now much younger) brother Joe whose life is turned upside down within a blink of an eye. The pilot begins with the boys living a life that's ordinary with video games and their parents, and then everything is swept away while the boys are at Frank's baseball game.

Their detective father is seen busting a case and calling about running late while their mom is seen being chased down the highway in her car before the tone of "The Hardy Boys" shifts into a tale of grief following their mother's death.

The series stars Alexander Elliot as Joe and Rohan Campbell as Frank, with the cast rounding out with James Tupper as their father Fenton, Bea Santos as their aunt Trudy, Linda Thorson as their grandma Gloria Esterbrook, with Keana Lyn as Callie, Riley O'Donnell as Biff, Adam Swain as Chet, and Cristian Perri as Phil.

The Hardy Boys move to Bridgeport

Rohan Campbell shares with CBR that seeing the family with these fun moments between them right before it's all ripped away lets the audience see three different versions of masculinity dealing with grief. Alexander Elliot adds that everyone brought their A-game. At the same time, James Tupper describes the boys as what grounded the series and shares about how they brought a reality and boyhood courage into solving this mystery over the thirteen episodes.

The family elements add a sweetness to the story that roots the plot and the mystery in the family as the two brothers band together to solve their mom's murder. The show thrives on the bond between brothers and the mystery elements, but the quiet moments among the family and their aunt give heart to the show and help keep the world grounded. Trudy is a real innocent character in that she just wants to be a good aunt and take care of her grieving nephews while protecting them from the influence of their grandma and her money, and not knowing what they're truly up to as they run around Bridgeport searching for answers.

Following their mom's death, their dad decides to move them to his (and his wife's) hometown of Bridgeport, where the boys will be stuck for the summer.

They temporarily move in with their aunt Trudy and where Joe meets Biff, whose mother is a local officer, while Frank meets Chet, Phil, and Callie. With the help of their new friends, the Hardy boys dig into their mother's last article and discover that her research may have led to her death. The boys are primarily on their own with just their aunt's guidance, and their grandma visits as their father quickly leave town following a request to find a missing man. With their father away, the Hardy boys begin their own investigation, which leads them to a town full of corruption, a crooked chief, a secret society revolving around three families (including their own), lies, and a mysterious artifact the center of it all.

A tone reminiscent of the original 'Hardy Boys'

The new Hardy boys contain several elements of the mystery reminiscent of the original books with a boat that sank, a dangerous Tall Man, a mysterious con man that jumped from a plane after stealing an artifact that has a bigger mystery attached to it, a mysterious new girl that saves the Hardy boys' lives, corruption running rampant throughout the town, secrets their own grandma has kept from them, and a prep school that has its own secret society lurking within. The story weaves several threads within the mystery through corruption, conspiracy, and secrets, rooted in the strive for power and the greed it can cause. The Hardy Boys' family is directly in the middle of the town's secrets, with their mother's last project threatening to blow the secrets out of the water.

All these secrets create a small town with an ominous touch that is chilling and leads you down a rabbit hole of clues that brings you up against another question between the mystery. The small-town setting and the various factors comprise a mystery that feels like you've gone back to the '80s with this new Hulu series touching upon the same style as seen in films such as "The Goonies," which makes you feel like you've stepped into a Hardy Boys' novel.

The first season follows the arc of a single mystery with each episode peeling back another layer of it with new clues and discoveries, furthering a growing threat that finds the Hardy boys' lives in danger, and finds the boys asking more questions about what really happened the day their mom died.

The classic elements of "The Hardy Boys" book series such as the boys sneaking around behind the adults' backs to find answers for themselves and keeps their aunt (and long-distance father) none the wiser to their true antics.

The Hardy Boys chase a mysterious artifact

The new adaptation comes with the faintest supernatural touch, which won't be the first time that a supernatural component was added to a classic reboot. The CW brought new life to "The Hardy Boys" counterpart "Nancy Drew," which the CW picked up last season with a new series that adds the network's typical dramatic flair with mystery and ghosts. While this new "Hardy Boys" doesn't dive fully into ghostly or supernatural territory, the story does contain a subtle supernatural tone through the power of the mysterious artifact that seemingly gives Joe luck at a carnival.

In an interview with Syfy Wire, Rohan Campbell says that fans of supernatural and sci-fi aspects of TV shows will find something to like in this exciting reboot.

As the show progresses, more is discovered about the artifact, which puts it at the root of the corruption and secrets buried in the town and how their grandmother is at its head. From episode to episode, more is discovered about their family. It leads to a dramatic reveal about their great-grandfather and two other miners and how they came into power. "The Hardy Boys" is aimed at a young adult audience, but its written aims are aimed at all ages (child and adult) with a story rooted in the search for truth and a journey in grief. Rohan Campbell shares with Syfy Wire that he hopes that their show will be one that brings people together, hopefully bringing them closer.

The new show hits upon various moments between the brothers that pull back their determined nature to find answers to take a good look at their grief over their mother's death.

The last thread of the mystery comes from a new girl named Stacy, who is interested in Frank and stirs a bit of drama into the friend group. Callie's rightly suspicion and catches on that the new girl may be telling lies – such as her supposed aunt and uncle - though this stirs up trouble between her and Chet. The typical flair of relationships that teenage drama shows are all about, but "The Hardy Boys" spices that up with some honesty. Chet and Callie are both straightforward and truthful about their feelings and have an open conversation that ultimately leads to the end of their relationship.

This first season lightly touches upon Callie and the eldest Hardy boy's potential relationship, which in theory will be explored if Hulu picks up for a second season.

The dynamic between the Hardy boys is at the heart of the show and makes it feel like the “Hardy Boys” originated in literature form. Their connection drives the plot, and the way they communicate with each other delivers honesty and respect. The first season balances the mystery elements with the brothers' relationship by touching up their struggle following their mother's death. Joe feels like he lives in his brother's shadow while Frank puts the responsibility of finding answers on his own shoulders. James Tupper tells Syfy Wire teases that the show offers a childhood version where you can solve a mystery and find the courage to face your fears. Hulu delivers a series that touches upon the mystery tone reminiscent of the original "Hardy Boys" and an '80s setting to introduce a younger audience to a classic.