From Fallout 56 to Shenmue III, 5 disappointing games from 2020 (so far)

What the hell happened to the Resident Evil 3: Remake? [Source: Gaming Jolt/YouTube]
What the hell happened to the Resident Evil 3: Remake? [Source: Gaming Jolt/YouTube]

2020 couldn't have been any worse for gamers when these titles dropped.

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From Fallout 56 to Shenmue III, the 5 most disappointing games so far

Undoubtedly, the year 2020 couldn’t have gotten off to a rougher start. Fortunately, the present situation has forced many to become closer to the ones they love by being placed under lockdown. For those who typically do their work and/or leisure at home, the situation only reinforces the status quo. Gamers especially are enjoying their time indoors with some of the newly released Video Games.

Unfortunately, not every video game especially those released during these dark times are worth plotting through. These aren’t just the games many had their eyes set on to play in 2020. They are the ones that many expected to distract them from the hardships they faced during the Coronavirus crisis but failed miserably.

The year is still young but these titles will undoubtedly end up on the list of the most disappointing video games to be released in 2020.


5. Fallout 76: Wastelanders (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Honestly, nobody should have expected things to get any better with ‘Fallout 76.’ The post-apocalyptic RPG launched back in 2018 as a total wreck, forcing a negligent Bethesda to go back to the drawing board. Hence, a massive overhaul was imminent. Unfortunately, that devolved into the ‘Wastelanders’ update. What was intended to transform the base game into a better one had backfired horribly whereas the new content was also broken, thus outing an incompetent Bethesda once again.


4. One Punch-Man: A Hero Nobody Knows (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Anime tie-in games shouldn’t be too hard to make considering their content is all laid out beforehand. But sometimes there are wasted opportunities like ‘One Punch-Man: A Hero Nobody Knows.’ This fighting game tries to answer the burning question of what it’s like to play as a hero who can kill any villain with a mere punch. And like the anime, it does this with cleverly comedic fashion. However, some poor design choices and a low budget have compromised the overall experience.

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