The British General Election results have started to come in. Boris Johnson the leader of the Conservative Party has reason to celebrate, as his party is expected to win at least 363 seats in a house of 650. The poll forecast of a Tory victory has been proven true. The forecast had given the Conservatives 368 seats. The biggest setback is for the Labour party, led by James Corbyn, which is expected to win only 191 seats. This also marks the end of the career of the Labour leader. He has announced that he will step down and not lead the party in any future election.

But, he will not step down instantly. Euronews has reported that Boris Johnson said after the victory they had pulled off a great victory.

General election

The general election, the third in five years, was around the highly contentious exit of the UK from the EU. The results are now pointing to a comfortable Tory victory. Boris Johnson can now lead the UK out of the EU as early as possible. He was earlier thwarted by some backbenchers and his promise of Brexit by 31st October failed. Johnson has now promised to lead England out of Brexit by January 31 next year

Corbyn has only himself to blame for the Labour party defeat. He could not clear the air decisively on whether to hold the second referendum or not.

He had also alienated many Indian supporters by taking a pro-Pakistan line on Kashmir. Corbyn has lost and now looks to a bleak political future.


The victory of Boris Johnson should gladden the heart of President Donald Trump who is facing impeachment back home. He has all along backed Brexit. Johnson can now celebrate his victory in this general election.

If he had lost he may have gone into political oblivion. It is worth mentioning that two prime ministers resigned over Brexit.

Will the conservative party having an absolute majority, the decks are clear for Johnson to carry out Brexit by January 31. No doubt, Russia will be watching the development with interest as a breakup of the EU could be to their benefit.

The New York Times has reported that this victory empowers Johnson to lead the UK out of Brexit by January next year in the biggest Conservative victory after World War II.


Boris Johnson will no doubt have Brexit problems. At the same time, it will give England Independence to chart their course of action as they deem fit, without being dominated by Germany, which has become the powerhouse of Europe.

Come to think of it, this is precisely what Germany was planning during World War II and the present German leadership was able to accomplish it without firing a shot.

Last word

Johnson probably still needs to be careful and get support from the USA for the promised big trade deal. He will also likely need support from the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with whom he has a very good relationship.

The Indian diaspora supported the Conservative Party. It will be interesting now to watch how Johnson handles Brexit. With a big majority, he is on course to accomplish what he had promised and staked his political future on.