NFL: Every team has completed the 17-game regular season and the top six teams from each conference have advanced to the playoffs where they will play for the Super Bowl. Since they lost to the Dolphins in week 17, for the first time in nine years, the Patriots didn't get the first-round bye. The Chiefs got the bye instead. Since they beat the Lions, the Packers clinched a first-round bye with the 49ers joining them as well. Here are predictions for the 2020 NFL playoffs.

Patriots handle Titans with ease

Somehow, the Titans made the playoffs which was expected by almost no one before the season started.

They pulled off some big wins against the Browns (43-13), Chiefs (35-32), Raiders (42-21) and others en route to a 9-7 record and clinched the final playoff spot in the AFC.

They find themselves facing the Patriots who are the best team in the 2010s decade although they have gotten worse this year. Still, the Titans will find themselves in a tough matchup that will need everything to go their way to beat the Pats. The Patriots arguably were the best defensive team this season led by star defensive player Stephon Gilmore who recorded six interceptions, 53 tackles, and 20 pass deflections.

The Patriots defense averaged the least amount of yards given up per game with an average of 275.9 and also averaged the least amount of points given up per game with an average of 14.1.

With the Titans having an average quarterback in Ryan Tannehill, he won't be on his A-game and won't excel against the Patriots D.

The Patriots offense has struggled this year but with a veteran quarterback in Tom Brady who is arguably the best playoff quarterback in NFL history, He'll be more than fine against a mediocre Titans defense.

The Patriots should have no problem winning this game and in the case that they lose, it will be a huge upset that will have football fans shaking their heads.

Vikings upset Saints

The last time the Saints and Vikings met in the playoffs, Stefon Diggs caught a game-winning catch in the dying seconds of the game to send the Vikings to the next round.

The Saints are no doubt looking for revenge as they are hosting the Vikings on home-field advantage as the third seed in the NFC. Unfortunately, though, their revenge-seeking game will come up short as they will probably lose to the Vikings again.

For the Saints, Kamara has struggled at times this year and while Thomas had the best season for a WR in NFL history, he'll surely be covered by Pro Bowl CB Xavier Rhodes and will probably be double-teamed at times. The Vikings defense also averaged the fifth least amount of points given up per game this season (18.9).

Meanwhile, the Vikings offense will leave the Saints defense guessing. They have an elite RB in Dalvin Cook and have two WR in Thielen and Diggs who are one of the better receivers across the league.

TE Kyle Rudolph can't be forgotten either as he can shine on any given day it's just that you don't know when that day is coming.

49ers/Vikings go to overtime

When the 49ers and Vikings face each other in the second round, it will be a very close game where the winner could well be decided in overtime. The 49ers and Vikings are very similar teams. The 49ers have a slight edge at quarterback as Garoppolo is more consistent than Cousins and they have the sure edge at TE as Kittle is one of the best TE in the game. But, the WR and RB positions are where things between the teams look very close.

Cook will be the best running back in this game but the 49ers depth at RB is very strong with Coleman, Breida, and Mostert.

All three of them will be deployed in the situation that fits their play style best. Thielen and Diggs are better than any WR on the 49ers but most of the time, the Vikings decide to throw the ball. It's very likely going to be one of those two guys, whereas, on the 49ers side, Garoppolo has multiple weapons he can throw. These include Kittle, Samuels, Sanders and his running backs as well.

On the defensive side of the ball, the 49ers have a strong defensive line that's led by Nick Bosa but the Vikings O-line should be able to contain the 49ers D-line most of the time. The Vikings also have a solid D-line as well but they should also be able to be contained by the 49ers O-line that's led by Joe Staley.

Regarding the secondary, the Vikings are led by Xavier Rhodes while the 49ers are led by Richard Sherman who's a great player and a true leader on the field.

As mentioned before, it will be a very close game that could head into overtime. But, the 49ers should come out as winners with Jimmy Garoppolo throwing for a touchdown to send San Francisco to the next round.

Patriots don't reach Super Bowl

In the 2010s decade, the Patriots have reached the Super Bowl five times, including four times in the past five years (three consecutive) and have three Super Bowl victories (2015, 2017 and 2019). They'll maybe start off the 2020 decade by not reaching the Super Bowl.

While their defense has been outstanding, their offense has struggled at times this year.

In a full 16-game season, Brady has put out career-low numbers. He's thrown for the least amount of yards since 2010 and has a completion rate of 60.8 percent which is his lowest since 2004. back then, he also posted a completion rate of 60.8 percent and has the least amount of touchdown passes since 2006. Then, he also threw only 24 touchdowns. With Brady and the offense struggling, potentially there will be no Super Bowl appearance for the Patriots this year.

Ravens/Seahawks create one of the best ever Super Bowl matchups

A Ravens vs Seahawks Super Bowl matchup would be a highly contested game with two MVP-caliber quarterbacks going against each other. Both Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson love to run the ball themselves a lot which would give fans a lot to watch and be excited for.

Regarding the MVP situation, Lamar most likely wins the award while Wilson most likely finishes as the runner-up.

This matchup would also showcase the dynamic WR each team possesses. The Ravens have Marquise Brown who was the Ravens' first-round selection. This season, he scored seven touchdowns while recording 584 reception yards on 71 catches. Meanwhile, the Seahawks have D.K. Metcalf who's one of the most athletic players in the NFL thanks to his body fat percentage that was measured at 1.7 percent before he participated in the draft combine. Metcalf put up fantastic numbers recording 900 reception yards on 58 catches while averaging 15.5 yards a catch with seven touchdowns as the WR2.

This will be a tight matchup that could potentially even go into overtime.

Whether the Super Bowl does go into overtime or not, the Seahawks will probably win the game but not without putting up a fight against a strong Ravens team. This matchup will be one that could go down for ages and will be remembered by football fans for a long time.