America is creating history. Never before in almost 50 years such has so much polarization and division among the political fraternity occurred. The last time it happened was when Nixon was the president in 1974. He resigned before the impeachment trial could commence when he learned, that he had lost support in Congress. Bill Clinton came close but escaped by the skin of his teeth. Trump is only the 4th president in over two centuries to face the ignominy of an impeachment trial. That's a long period and future historians will record that its nothing to be proud of.

The Washington Times has reported that the Democrats have charged Trump with two impeachment articles thus setting the stage for a historic vote.


The Democrats have the majority in the lower house and they have opted to frame the articles of impeachment. The president has been railing against the decision by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to impeach him. The GOP will most certainly close ranks behind him and unless a few of the members and independents back the impeachment, President Trump could escape and be the GOP nominee for the 2020 election.

The president does have a committed support base but what could decide an election result is a large number of uncommitted voters. Besides, the composition of the electoral college could well go in his favor though he may lose the popular vote.

It happened the last time in 2016 when he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, yet sailed into the White House.

President Trump

Trump remains a formidable candidate for 2020. A sitting president has an advantage and there are very few cases of presidents not getting a second term. One can't recollect a sitting president who has lost a second term for over 25 years.

NBC News has reported that the proceedings have been contentious.

The political atmosphere in America is charged. The goings-on in Congress are being watched by the entire world and many are wondering what on earth is going on? Impeachment articles being framed and the president being subjected to an impeachment trial are not things that happen ordinarily.

Trump has created an extraordinary situation and the world is interested as the USA is the leader in all walks all over the world.

There is some truth that the conduct of the president who recently went for a hospital checkup is not completely within bounds. His conduct in the Ukraine matter has proved his undoing. He is, however, unrepentant and that has exacerbated the issue. Despite all his protestations, there will be no doubt that when he meets other heads of states, the impeachment process will be bugging him. It's not a happy situation.

Last word

At the moment the for and against brigades in Congress are lined up on partisan lines and if it holds, the president should be home and dry. Politics is, however, unpredictable and one has to be a seer to look into the crystal ball and be sure. What is sometimes apparent may not pan out that way.