The 77th Golden Globe nominations have been announced and Netflix blew away the competition. When it came to feature film nominations, Netflix walked away with 17 Golden Globe nominations, nominations for not just one film. Several Netflix films were nominated this year including "The Irishman," "Marriage Story," "Dolemite is My Name," and "The Two Popes," all managed to secure four of the ten Best Picture nominations.

The NYT reports that these nominations are a major feat for Netflix's film division, given their track record with past film-related Golden Globe nominations.

However, Netflix's TV department has managed to score multiple nominations, since the first season of "House of Cards." Before this year, no Netflix film had ever been nominated for either Best Picture categories.

Netflix films are finally earning the attention they deserve when it comes to award season

NPR reports that past Netflix films including "Mudbound," "Roma," and "Beasts of No Nation," all came up short at earning the top Golden Globe nominations, so many are wondering what changed this year to get the Golden Globes to hand the streaming giant multiple Golden Globe nominations. They are becoming more comfortable when it comes to recognizing Movies released on streaming platforms. Movies debuting on streaming services have become the norm rather than the exception now.

With the increased popularity of streaming services like HBO Max and Disney Plus, awards bodies can no longer ignore movies from streaming services just because they don't follow the normal release methods. Netflix also helped itself by having a massive award season campaigning, which drew the attention of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the body that is responsible for voting on the nominees and winners.

However, critics have pointed out that every Netflix film that scored Best Picture nominations were directed by white male filmmakers.

Netflix has become a powerhouse delivering top-tier films

The Golden Globes have struggled to recognize films that were helmed by women in categories such as Best Director and Best Picture. Netflix's Golden Globes nominations could have been hindered if "The Two Popes," was helmed by a woman.

The films being helmed by males helped Netflix become a juggernaut when it comes to the Golden Globe nominations. NPR notes, "there are no female directors nominated this year, and no female screenwriters either." The Netflix originals that have earned so much Golden Globes attention including "The Irishman" have been among the most acclaimed films of the year. Netflix is turning into a powerhouse when it comes to delivering critically acclaimed movies, which resonate with award voters. We will have to see whether these nominations become winners at the Golden Globe Awards. Netflix is coming out with content that deserves some awards.