Syriac Christians are among those on the front lines being killed by the Turkish army. Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election in part because he had the support of Evangelicals. A growing number of preachers who formerly remained silent are now speaking out. More people are now turning against number 45 because he removed U.S. troops from Syria. Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham are among those who say the president's decision is putting the lives of fellow believers at risk. In Quamishli, a Christian couple were killed and a third believer in Christ died in Ras-al-Ain.

Graham actually called for the president to reverse his decision.

Donald Trump causing harm to those he promised to support

One-third of Donald Trump's votes in 2016 came from Evangelical Christians. Those Christians dismissed the video of the president saying he could grab women by their private parts and the television commercial where he mocked a disabled man. They ignored the Stormy Daniels scandal and the other women who said number 45 had sexually molested them. Evangelicals remained silent through every racist rant, even the Charlottesville rally, where Heather Hyer was killed. Now, however, it seems the Syrian crisis is the straw that broke the Christian leaders' backs.

For the first time in close to three years, pastors who once supported Donald Trump are speaking out.

Franklin Graham said the Kurds had been helping Syriac Christians and he was concerned that now their lives would be in danger. Graham was right, with the announcement that three believers in Christ have now been killed, because of the president's decision to remove U.S. troops. To add insult to injury, Trump is making sarcastic comments and behaving as if he has no compassion for the Kurds or his brothers and sisters in Christ that are dying.

Donald Trump remains insensitive

NBC News reported Donald Trump responded to deaths by saying that China, the Russians, or even Napoleon Bonaparte' should help the Syrians because he is 7,000 miles away. Evangelicals had looked the other way regarding the border wall crisis and the president's stance on immigration. They were saying that he was upholding Christian values because he was against abortion and not allowing illegals to enter the country.

It seems like having the U.S. troops removed from Syria is a breaking point.

Sadly, unless something changes, more Kurds and Syriac Christians will die. News outlets such as NBC are suggesting the blood will be on the hands of Donald Trump, but thus far he shows no signs of taking responsibility for his irresponsible actions. While Franklin Graham and other Evangelicals seem shocked at this latest move by number 45, there were Americans who saw this coming the day after the 2016 election. They were predicting a nation turned upside down and were chanting, "treason and impeachment." Looks like they may have been right.