The Walking Dead” season 10, episode 3: “Ghosts” is, without a doubt, the best episode of the season so far.

It starts off with our heroes fighting off horde after horde of walkers. The walkers are coming from all sides, trying to make their way towards the community. The exhausting fight lasts for nearly 50 hours. In the end, our heroes manage to fight the hordes off for a time being. No one can sleep, because of the fear that the walkers might come back at any time.

Fighting 'Ghosts'

Everyone seems to think that the Whisperers have something to do with the walker threat.

Then, Gamma approaches and lets the survivors know that Alpha wants a meeting at their northern border, the site where that horrible pike scene happened last season.

One group led by Daryl, Michonne and Carol, heads out to the border to meet with the leader of the Whisperers. Others stay behind to defend their home, while Aaron and Negan go on the mission to thin out the herd of walkers coming from the south.

Throughout the episode we see Carol experiencing PTSD, but she’s not the only one. Siddiq is struggling too. He’s still haunted by that horrible night when Alpha beheaded a dozen people and left him alive to tell the story. At least Dante, his newly-appointed medical assistant, is there, to put a smile on Siddiq’s face with the story of Adonis-looking cat a.k.a.


Rosita tells Eugene, once and for all, that nothing will ever happen between them and that they can only be friends. Eugene is crushed and tells Rosita that he’s never going to be her true friend because he’ll always have hope that friendship will turn into something more.

We also have Negan and Aaron going on the mission of their own.

Dubbed, Peanut Butter and Jelly by Gabriel, the duo heads out to take down at least some of the walkers before they come to Alexandria.

While on the road, we see that Aaron is still holding a grudge against Negan. After all, he lost Eric, the love of his life, in the war against the Saviors, so it's only natural that he blames Negan for it.

Negan, however, ends up saving Aaron’s life multiple times, which seems to soften Aaron up a bit.

Carol's hallucinations: what's real and what's not

The good chunk of the episode is devoted to Carol and her own traumas. She nearly ruins negotiations with the Whisperers, when she pulled the gun on Alpha. If it wasn’t for Michonne, she would have probably gotten the whole group killed.

Carol also experiences quite a bit of hallucination. It’s hard to tell what’s real or not. She sees some Whisperers, dreams up a conversation with Darryl when he tells her this weird story of his dad, a truck driver, seeing a ghost on the road.

She then goes into an abandoned gym, sees walkers everywhere, and ends up hanging from the rope, fighting for her life.

Eventually, she cuts the rope, falls into a glass, and cuts herself. Carol definitely needs the longest nap of her life.

However, we do see in the closing shots of the episode that there were indeed Whisperers in the area and the one Carol managed to shoot seems to have turned. What this does cement is that the Whisperers are indeed looking upon the group at all times, supervising them and making sure they stay in line.

All in all, “Ghosts” was a solid episode. It was packed with some interesting character moments, great dialogue and quite a bit of action, but most importantly, it set things up for the rest of the season.