Samantha Power was the United Nations Ambassador during the Obama era. According to "The Hill," she has now gone on record as saying that statements made by President Donald Trump indicate that he approves of ethnic cleansing of the Kurds. Power says that when Trump said the Turkish government had to "Have it cleaned out," he was referring to an area in northern Syria that has been home to thousands of Kurdish people and some militia groups that the Turkish government believes to be terrorists. She says the Turkish government has been attempting to "cleanse" the area for some time and that number 45's words play right into their agenda.

Donald Trump continues to reveal himself

There were Americans who voted for Donald Trump because they believed he would make America great again, whatever that was supposed to indicate. Others said the 45th president was going to turn this nation upside down. Recent events suggest to most that the latter is true, and now the damage is affecting other nations. Removing U.S. troops from Syria has an increasing number of Americans shocked by this commander in chief. This includes some in his base, including Evangelicals, who say the Kurds need our help.

Barack Obama's former U.N. secretary, Samantha Power, was quoted by "The Hill" as saying that a recent statement made by the president indicates that he is in favor of ethnic cleansing of the Kurds by the Turkish military.

There has been more outrage over the move in Syria than anything else Donald Trump has done while in office. In the meantime, number 45 continues to make moves that benefit him personally. The Washington Post is reporting that the president announced he would hold next year's G7 Summit on his Maralago property. This announcement may possibly deflect some away from the repercussions of what his actions have done in Syria.

Donald Trump may lose in 2020

Donald Trump continues to do whatever he desires with seemingly no thought about the U.S. constitution. While there have been a few defectors, the majority of Republicans on Capitol Hill continue to remain silent amid one crisis coming after another at breakneck speed. If, however, the impeachment proceedings go forward, and additional witnesses testify, number 45 may be in trouble in regard to the 2020 presidential race.

If he continues to lose supporters among his base, including Evangelicals, he may not be elected to a second term.

Polls continue to show his popularity is waning, but number 45 keeps moving forward as if none of this is taking place. As of this writing, Donald Trump has not responded to the former U.N. Ambassador's claims; if he remains true to form, he will deny that he embraces ethnic cleansing and call Samantha Power a few choice names.