A Long Beach, California restaurant is getting a lot of free advertising because people are buzzing about Popeye's chicken being sold in the chicken and waffle dish at Sweet Dixie Kitchen. Some people are offended by the method, but others see nothing wrong with it.

How the buzz started

Friends were dining at Sweet Dixie Kitchen and saw workers carrying boxes of Popeye's chicken to the kitchen. At first, they thought it was for the workers' own lunch. When a person in the party ordered Chicken and Waffles, he immediately knew what he had seen going into the kitchen had ended up in the meal he ordered.

When the waiter was asked about it, he confirmed where the chicken had come from.

The self-appointed food critic posted a detailed review on Yelp criticizing the action of the restaurant owner. Kim Sanchez responded with her own explanation on Facebook and in an interview with Fox News. She admits that she is not hiding the fact that she does use Popeye's spicy chicken tenders because she loves them. She named the other brands she had tried, and she is convinced that Popeye's is the best chicken out there. She further explained that her restaurant doesn't have the capability to fry it in its small kitchen. She added that she also buys her gumbo from a local farmers market.

Some comments

There were conversations on almost all of the talk shows on Thursday and the comments varied.

Some people were critical of the restaurant owner's method, and many spoke out in Sanchez's defense. A negative comment was that the meal costs $13 while tenders at Popeye's are only $5.

Positive comments included the fact that the restaurant isn't hiding where the food comes from. Popeye's isn't complaining that Sweet Dixie Kitchen gets two big orders of tenders from them twice a day.

If the truth is told, a lot of restaurants get some of their foods and products from other places. For instance, the wine that you purchase at a restaurant isn't brewed there. The condiments are probably purchased from Costco or Sam's Club and brought in. It is not unusual for bakeries to sell their desserts to restaurants.

Therefore, some people see nothing wrong with what Sanchez is doing even though the critic probably thought he was going to stop customers from going there.

Sanchez says she plans to continue serving the dish until the authorities stop her. She made a good point by saying that if customers don't want to buy the dish from her that includes waffles, they can go around the corner to Popeye's.